Larry David Clip Gets Retweeted by Donald Trump

For those of you who do not know Larry David, he is not a big fan of the President.

In his recent show “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, he plays a fictitious version of himself. Like the real Larry David, his character in the show is not the kind of person who would wear a red MAGA hat out of conviction. His character realizes that he can get rid of unwanted company by wearing the red cap and it becomes his secret weapon to ward off people he doesn’t want around him.

In one sketch he does the opposite, he uses the cap to calm down an angry biker that he nearly ran over. To everyone’s surprise the President retweeted his sketch, writing in all caps “TOUGH GUYS FOR TRUMP”

The camps are divided on whether he did not understand the joke OR if he has a very good sense of humor. That is for everyone to judge for themselves.