Kayhan Newspaper: Attack Israel If Found Responsible for the Killing of Top Iranian Scientist

An opinion and editorial piece published on Iranian newspaper, Kayhan, strongly urges the country’s officials to attack Israeli port, Haifa, if Israel is proven responsible for the killing of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh last Friday. The piece, written by analyst Sadollah Zarei, recommends for a destructive strategy that will cause heavy human casualties on Israel, after Iranian state media reported a military-styled ambush on the outskirts of Tehran where a truck bomb exploded and gunmen open fired on Fakhrizadeh and his bodyguard. Israel, however, has not commented on this yet.

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Associated Press: The op-ed by Iranian analyst Sadollah Zarei suggests any assault be carried out in a way that destroys facilities and “also causes heavy human casualties.”

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An opinion piece published Sunday by Iranian newspaper urged Iran to attack the Israeli port city of Haifa if Israel carried out the killing of the scientist who founded the Islamic Republic’s military nuclear program in the early 2000s, Associated Press reports.

The opinion piece went further, suggesting any assault be carried out in a way that destroys facilities and “also causes heavy human casualties.”

Striking the Israeli city of Haifa and killing a large number of people “will definitely lead to deterrence, because the United States and the Israeli regime and its agents are by no means ready to take part in a war and a military confrontation,” says  Iranian analyst Sadollah Zarei who wrote the op-ed.

The Hill: The call for violence came after Fakhrizadeh was assassinated by “armed terrorist elements” on Friday.

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According to The Hill, the op-ed written by analyst Sadollah Zarei,  called for Iran to launch an attack on the Israeli city Haifa if Israel was responsible for the killing on Friday of scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif asserted that there were “serious indications” of Israeli involvement in the violence but did not provide specific evidence. 

Israel, suspected of killing Iranian nuclear scientists over the past decade, has not commented on the brazen slaying of Fakhrizadeh, although Israeli cabinet minister Tzachi Hanegbi said he had “no clue” who killed him.