Iran-backed Hackers Are Targeting Critical U.S. Infrastructures, Officials Say

The Iranian government-sponsored hackers targeted U.S. critical infrastructure sectors, an advisory found.

The hackers leveraged their access for additional operations, including data exfiltration, ransomware, and extortion.

The advisory, compiled by American, British, and Australian officials, outlined the malicious activity perpetrated by the attackers, which date back to at least March of this year, the agencies said in a statement released by the FBI and U.K. cybersecurity officials said the hackers are focused on exploiting known vulnerabilities rather than targeting specific sectors, which include transportation and health care sectors.

US warns that Iranian government-sponsored hackers are targeting key US infrastructure

Iranian government-sponsored hackers are actively targeting a “broad range of victims” across multiple US sectors, including transportation and health care, and in some cases have deployed ransomware against those victims, US federal agencies and their counterparts from the United Kingdom and Australia warned on Wednesday.

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Cyber Conflict Between US and Iran Heats Up

The United States, United Kingdom, and Australia warn attacks from groups linked to Iran are on the rise, while the Iranian government blames the US and Israel for an attack on gas pumps.

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US authorities seek extradition of Russian for alleged ransomware money laundering operation

American officials have attempted to extradite a Russian national they claim is involved with a notorious ransomware group that attacked U.S. hospitals last year, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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