Infection From New Coronavirus Strain May Surge by March, CDC Warns

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned the public that the new Coronavirus variant, which health experts found to be doubly contagious, may lead to a surge of cases and death in the U.S by March. Although this strain, which was first discovered in the UK, is easily transmittable, there are still no indications on its severity. Public health officials has been more resolute in its safety protocols like mask wearing, social distancing, frequent handwashing and limited to no social interactions and indoor gatherings.

The New York Times: The wrenching surge in cases and deaths that would further burden overwhelmed hospitals

Screenshot from The New York Times

Federal health officials warned on Friday that a far more contagious variant of the coronavirus first identified in Britain could become the dominant source of infection in the United States by March, The New York Times disclosed.

This forecast from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made plain what has been suspected for weeks now: The nation is in an urgent race to vaccinate as many Americans as possible before the variant spreads across the country.

The C.D.C.’s projections could also prove extremely troubling for hospitals and nursing homes, many of which are already operating at or near capacity. Medical centers and nursing homes have faced increasing rates of infection among their staffs, causing shortages and leading to increased patient loads that have at times jeopardized patient care.

Screenshot from Dr. Leana Wen's Twitter