Homeland Security Agency Head Terminated For Rejecting Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims

In a tweet on Tuesday, Trump announced that Christopher Krebs, the director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (Cisa), has been terminated for refuting the U.S President’s election conspiracy theories. Krebs, who was a Trump appointee, was already anticipating that he will be fired for defending the security of the 2020 U.S election.  Trump has appointed Brandon Wales as the acting Director of Cisa replacing Kreb.

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CNN: Firing Krebs, a US official previously told CNN, would “cross a red line” and set off alarm bells throughout the national security apparatus.

Screenshot from CNN

CNN reported that Krebs, who ran the cyber arm of the Department of Homeland Security, expected to be fired. A source close to Krebs told CNN he knew he might get in trouble for telling the truth, but realized his dismissal could come soon when media organizations that are friendly to the President started to attack him.

Krebs’ dismissal underscores the lengths Trump is willing to go to punish those who don’t adopt his conspiratorial view of the election. Since CNN and other outlets called the race for President-elect Joe Biden, Trump has refused to accept the results, instead pushing baseless conspiracies that his second term is being stolen.

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The Guardian: Termination of Christopher Krebs comes amid removals of high-level officials seen as insufficiently loyal to the president

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The Guardian announced that the firing of Krebs, a Trump appointee, comes as Trump is refusing to recognize the victory of the president-elect, Joe Biden, and removing high-level officials seen as insufficiently loyal. He fired Mark Esper, the defense secretary, on 9 November part of a broader shake-up that put Trump loyalists in senior Pentagon positions.

Several top Democrats were swift to condemn the president’s decision to fire Krebs.