Google Announces Integration of its Calendar and Tasks on Mobile Apps

Users can now expect a more streamlined way of managing their schedules as Google announced late last week the integration of Google Task to Google Calendar apps for iOS and Android. Google said the change will arrive on all devices within the next two weeks. This feature will allow users to create tasks directly from the Calendar app on their mobile devices.

Slash Gear: Google has finally brought together two vital features that will make it easier for users to schedule and manage their lives

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In a reports covered by Slash Gear, it says that Google Tasks is the company’s platform for creating to-do lists; it is available on mobile and within Gmail on desktop. Google previously added tasks to its Calendar product, but only on the Web, something that has become increasingly archaic in favor of mobile apps. Google Tasks excluded from Google Calendar on mobile made the entire platform less than useful for many people.

That changed on October 2, with Google announcing that Calendar users on iOS and Android can now view their existing tasks and directly create new tasks. The entries appear on Google Calendar, making it easier for users to see what they have coming up in their schedule for the day, week, and month.

Users are able to add relevant information to the tasks, including choosing a block of time for the activity, adding a note with details that may be necessary, and choosing whether or not to have the task repeat on specific days or times on their Calendar — this is quite similar to creating events.

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Android Police: You’ll be able to see Google Tasks items alongside calendar events

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Google Tasks might not be as feature-rich as some other to-do list applications, but it’s still a great option for a simple task tracker, according to Android Police.

Google has now officially announced the change, saying it should arrive on all devices within the next two weeks. “Adding tasks to your calendar keeps to-do’s visible and allocates time for you to accomplish them, helping you accomplish what’s important,” the company said in a blog post.