Ford To Install Google’s Android Operating System in All its Cars and Trucks by 2023

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Ford made a six-year strategic partnership with Google to install its Android operating system for their cars and trucks’ infotainment systems, cloud computing.

Starting 2023, drivers will be able to access Google Maps, Google’s Voice Assistant, and will have their own car version of Google Play Store for downloading music, audiobooks and podcasts, among others.

Executives from both Ford and Google are positive that the team-up will improve the online car shopping experience with the use of customer data.

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Ford will also use Google’s artificial intelligence and data analytics capabilities improve customer service, manufacturing and marketing.

According to CNN, Ford and Google will collaborate on new technologies and install Google’s Android operating system as the primary system in its infotainment screens in millions of Ford and Lincoln cars and trucks starting in 2023.

Android’s operating system will enable drivers to access Google Maps for in-vehicle navigation and Google’s Voice Assistant for handling voice commands in the car without the use of an Android phone.

Ford will also use Google’s artificial intelligence and data analytics capabilities to better interpret the data it collects from vehicles and its own operations to improve upon things like customer service, manufacturing and marketing.

Google is expected to assist Ford with everything from in-car infotainment systems and remote, or over-the-air, updates to using artificial intelligence.

In a report by CNBC, it disclosed that the partnership is designed to streamline Ford’s operations and accelerate an ongoing $11 billion restructuring plan. It marks a major shift for the automaker, which has spent hundreds of millions of dollars annually in recent years to develop and maintain such systems.

Under the deal, Ford and Lincoln vehicles will sport Android, the Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play starting in 2023, and Google’s cloud will enable other types of services.

Google will also help Ford use artificial intelligence in areas such as supply chain logistics and manufacturing, the companies said.

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