Why all Kids Should Play Outdoor Games

A few decades ago, playing outdoors was the biggest joy for all children. We all remember how much fun we used to have playing Capture the Flag or Hide and Seek. Sadly, kids nowadays have become addicted to videogames and they find outdoor games to be quite boring. This can be a problem, because outdoor play can be extremely beneficial for children of all ages. Keep on reading if you want to know how outdoor games can benefit your kids. We will also teach you a few tricks for getting kids interested in classic outdoor games.

Benefits of outdoor play

  • Muscle and bone development -Running, jumping and climbing are all great types of physical activities. When playing outside, a child will set their whole body in movement, thus promoting the healthy development of their bones and muscles.
  • Spatial learning, balance and coordination – Playing outside requires a lot of interaction with the environment. For young children, even a basic swing can teach them important spatial concepts like up and down or back and forth. For older children, any outdoor activity can teach them how to interact with the space around them. Certain toys like skates and bikes are also great for developing good balance and coordination.

How to get kids interested in outdoor games

For starters, you need to understand that you can’t force kids to be interested in your childhood games. We have to admit that, compared to video games, classic outdoor games lack a good storyline and an engaging gameplay. Moreover, today’s generation of kids is instantly drawn to technology. However, if you integrate modern toys in classic games, you might achieve your goals. For example, we recently discovered the Redux Capture the Flag game. This game comes with some modern toys like glowing orbs and sparkling bracelets, but it follows the same gameplay as our classic childhood game. Nonetheless, kids are going crazy for this game, because they love the glowing props. You can start with this game, and in the future, try to integrate other modern toys in outdoor activities.

Another thing that you can do in order to get your kids interested in outdoor games is to use their favorite stories. For example, a classic scavenger hunt can be very boring, but a game called Elsa’s Hidden Treasure will surely get the attention of any young girl. Basically, use your creativity and any other means that you have at your disposal, because outdoor games are essential for the healthy development of any child.