Why Opt for Anonymous Egg Donation Programs

The benefits of egg donation treatment for women over 40 or for female patients with diminished ovarian reserve or natural poor egg quality are unquestionable and include high IVF success rates and minimum risk of genetic abnormalities for the baby. Egg donation process can involve anonymous or non-anonymous egg donors (or known donors). Which option should you choose? Today we present you the benefits of selecting an anonymous egg donor.

1. Identity privacy

if you opt for an anonymous egg donor, neither you or your child will have the means or the possibility to contact her (however, some US states laws allow contact on request). If you sign the anonymous egg donation agreement, your fertility clinic will not be able to disclose your identity to the donor or the donor’s identity to you or your child. Anonymous egg donation program works well in most of the European countries like Spain, Greece, Cyprus, the Czech Republic or Ukraine. Usually, you will not be able to have anonymous IVF cycle in Finland, Belgium, Denmark. On the other hand, Russian clinics offers both anonymous and known egg donors.

Having an anonymous egg donor does not automatically mean that you should keep the information secret from your child. If your child asks you about their conception, it is always advisable to tell the truth. Most children are perfectly happy with telling them that mommy and daddy needed a bit of help from a very kind lady and she gave them her egg. If you want to know more about how to tell your children about your egg donation treatment, check Carmen Martinez Jover’s infertility books for parents and children.

2. Healthy distance

Since you will not be able to meet your donor in person or even see her photo, you will not build a close relation with her. This can help you keep the donor out of the picture and focus on what is the most important: your child, your partner and all of you as a family. Certainly, the egg donor may seem a very important person in your life at this point, however, bear in mind that usually women donate their eggs out of sheer generosity and because they want to help other couples in need. They do not wish to be part of your lives.

3. Phenotype matching

With an anonymous donor you benefit from phenotype matching done by the clinic. European countries like Greece or Spain have laws in place that require the recipient to be matched with the donor. Your donor is selected for you based on your phenotype. It is completely reasonable and important for all intended parents.

The decision to go ahead with an anonymous or open (known) donor is entirely up to you. Think what is important to you and your partner and whatthe best option for your child is. Good luck!