What’s The Craze With Oils?

It’s the new norm to hear someone say “I have an oil that will help that.” or “Have you tried essential oils?”. No matter what your problem is, from a skin rash to cancer, people are looking to oils for a fix. You can find them in your local drug stores and online. Be careful what you purchase because not all oils are created equally. Let’s take a look at why people are turning to oils.

Essential oils are popular because they are highly effective without many of the side effects. That’s right, they work better and cause less side effects. Essential oils are being used to treat depression, anxiety, skin problems, pain, tumors, and cancer. The best part is that people are finding relief and cures without the side effects of prescription drugs. If you have a headache and take an OTC drug, like Tylenol, they warn you of the side effects like, nausea and stomach pain. So, you take medicine for a headache and then you may get nauseous and have stomach pain. Trading one pain for another pain isn’t a great way to fix your situation. Other medications have more serious implications. You may have liver damage, rashes, weight gain, dizziness, heart problems, and blood pressure and sugar issues. Oils are popular because they don’t cause more problems. Could you imagine curing cancer without Chemo? Some studies have proven that oils like, frankincense, do kill cancer cells. There is still research and studies to be done, but that will be a big scientific breakthrough.

One of the newest oils that is proving to be a game changer is CBD oil. This oils comes from marijuana, which is why some people have been hesitant to try it. Even though CBD oil is from marijuana, it isn’t what you think. THC is what causes the “high” effect that you’ve heard about. CBD gives benefits without the psychoactive effects that THC has. Because it has been proven to be so effective, it is rapidly gaining popularity. Parents are turning to certified pure CBD oil tinctures to treat their children who have seizures. It is important to note that the oils need to be certified pure. You don’t want to use oil that is not pure.

There are a few things to consider before you purchase your oils. You will want to know if it is pure or synthetic. The last thing you want is to put more synthetic products into or onto your body. Oils are popular because they replace the pharmaceutical drugs that can cause you more problems.

Next, you will need to know how to take the oil. Do you apply it topically or can you take it internally. The high quality oils should let you apply them under the tongue or swallow them. Some oils will only be safe to apply topically, however. Even though they are pure, they are from plants. Some plants are just not safe to ingest. So, take a look at the guidelines for each oil before using them. The guidelines will also tell you the amount of the oil that you should use.