What’s Best Nutrisystem or Weight Watchers?

Weight loss in the US is big business. And why wouldn’t it? More than one in three adults has too much weight. Solutions have been packaged in many forms, including numerous outrageous weight loss diets that have left many disillusioned with their weight issues.

But today, the focus for those looking to get trimmer seems to be weight loss programs being offered by weight loss meal delivery programs like Nutrisystem or companies that have clinical evidence for their effectiveness, like Weight Watchers.And generally speaking, these programs have been the solution many have been waiting for because they are convenient and they work.

It is paramount that you pick the best diet food delivery company as you try lose weight. Each company helps its users attain particular health goals, and it’s worth making the effort to find the partner that helps you achieve your specific fitness goal.

Nutrisystem vs Weight Watchers

Nutrisystem delivers diet food to your door. It is a company that has been in business for several decades. Today, it has become the go-to option for people trying to lose weight while still eating healthy. Users are promised to lose up to 13 pounds and 7 inches in their first month alone.

But generally, you can expect to lose an average of 2 pounds after becoming a Nutrisystem member. All in all, the company has many diet plans depending on each user’s specific weight loss goals; and it’s up to you to pick a plan that fits your overall weight loss goals the best.

Unlike Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers does not deliver diet food. It is a weight loss company that wants you to reap weight loss benefits beyond an improved figure on your weight scale – the foods should also make you become healthier and full of energy. In addition to helping you change your eating habits, the company also tries to make you burn calories through exercise by helping you track your physical activity throughout the day. You will also get plenty of motivation so that you have the right state of mind as you get into the program in order to lose the extra weight.

Nutrisystem Promotions

Nutrisystem has numerous discount offers to give its customers. For instance, you can currently claim a $100 discount when making certain purchases from the company. The company is also running a Labor Day and Back to School Sale that comes with an $80 discount.

With every order, you can also get $40 off as well as free bars and shakes. And simply by signing up for Nutrisystem emails, you can get $50 off your order. Purchasers of any four-week plan can also get a discount of $20. A good source for Nutrisystem promo codes is http://www.lodlois.com/nutrisystem-coupons/

Weight Watchers Promotions

Weight Watchers has plenty of great promotions for those subscribed to its plans. For instance, you can get 36% off on Weight Watchers Meetings on the site; and you don’t even need a code to claim this discount.

The company also has a promotion that lets you get a free Conair Bluetooth Scale when you select a plan and join for a dollar. You can also get $125 off the Weight Watchers OnlinePlus Plan in addition to a free Apple watch.

Several other offers are available. You can even get free Food, Health and Happiness Cookbook by Oprah when you make an order that is worth over $99. The company also provides free shipping when you make orders of more than $75.

The Verdict

Both Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers have plenty to offer. If you are busy and you don’t have time to cook, then Nutrisystem is best for you since it provides the meals you need to lose weight. If, on the other hand, cooking is not an issue for you and you enjoy meeting people to learn and share then Weight Watchers is best for you.

Lots of people have lost weight when using either program; and that remains to be their single biggest selling point. Additionally, the companies run several great promotions that have allowed their customers to enjoy their services even more. So, if you were looking for a company that offers great promotions, you are quite safe going with either choice.

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