Things to Consider for a Drug Rehab

Drug abuse is a sad reality that affects a large fraction of our population. Thankfully, more people recover now than ever thanks to drug rehab centres. We need these centers to help people who wish to cope with their addiction but can no longer get rid of their craving on their own.

If you are planning to check yourself or a loved one into a rehabilitation center, remember that not all of them are the same. There are some things you need to consider to make sure that the place is worthy of your time and money. Here are some things you can start with:


A good rehab center will employ qualified doctors to help the patients with their recovery process. You can go and personally talk to a doctor or two and assess their qualifications with your own judgment. Do not hesitate to ask any questions regarding the recovery process that are on your mind when you visit the doctor. If it seems that the doctor knows what he or she is talking about and they agree on talking about their qualifications, you are good to go.


Make sure the staff of the rehab center is highly trained to handle all kinds of addicts. They should be responsible and have a pleasant attitude towards the patients. If you see careless attitude being shown by a staff member, you should either complain to the authorities or take your business elsewhere.

Inside Environment

This is especially important for the ones who wish to avail the in-patient facilities of the rehab center. The whole place must be clean and have a completely hygienic environment to house the patients who want to live in. The rooms assigned to each patient must be comfortable enough to live in. These are the things you need to check out by yourself before you check in to the rehab center.

Treatment of Patients

You need to go and see for yourself how the patients are being treated in this rehabilitation center. Make sure that everyone gets their medicine on time and the staff makes sure that the medicine is taken by the patient. Also, make sure that the medicines that are being provided by the rehab center are the optimum ones. See if the doctors visit their patients to check up on them regularly. Also, see if the patients get three square meals daily and if the meals are prepared according to the health conditions of the patients.


See if the rehab center offers inpatient and outpatient facilities to cater to people at all levels of addiction. Also, see if they have recreational activities and places like game rooms to make the minds of the patients divert to something other than their addiction therapy.


Good rehab centers are expensive. So you need to see if your health insurance extends to cover rehab centers so they can cover at least some part of what the rehab will cost you.