These Are The 5 Reasons Why You Get Non Stop Pimples

As you try ever so hard to put an end to your bad skin and painful, shameful pimples, it will do you good to pause, set aside your seemingly endless search for the right treatment for pimple, stop and think about what it is that could be causing your pimples to pop up endlessly. Here are the top 5 possible reasons:

1. Hormonal changes. Many boys and girls go through pimple issues and acne problems around adolescence. Men are more prone to keep getting it throughout their lives because it is the androgen, the male hormones, that drive them. On the other hand, most women get it around their monthly menstrual periods, often, just before their period begins. Women and men, including those who didn’t have acne problems in their teenage years can get pimple breakouts in their adult years.

Hormonal pimples are among the worst kinds. A large area of your skin becomes swollen, and it takes several days before the head of the pimple appears. Then, it will take up to two weeks before the swelling subsides. Birth control pills can either worsen or improve your condition. Taking hormone-free supplements can also help regulate hormone levels. Lifestyle changes are even better ways to tame your hormonal pimple causes.

2. Stress and sleeplessness. Did you notice how bad you breakout just around the time when you don’t want a zit, like on your wedding day or when you were scheduled for a job interview? That’s because of stress. Lack of sleep can worsen the condition. These two factors can have very hormonal origins as well. The stress hormone, cortisol, can make your estrogen and progesterone spike, causing your oil glands to swell and produce more grease that eventually end up getting deposited in your pores, attracting infection.

Learning to manage your stressors will help you beat pimples caused by stress. Timing your sleep can help normalize your hormone levels as well if you suspect that sleepless nights are what’s causing you to breakout.

3. Climate and environment. Pollution is a major source of impurities stuck in your pores and the infection that follows. Extreme changes in weather conditions, particularly around the drying months of summer when your skin generally over compensates on the dryness, producing more grease in the process, can give rise to pimples or aggravate your acne situation. Dry, flaky skin around the freezing winter months, on the other hand, deposit impurities in your pores that can start an infection.

If dust and dirt are making your skin go haywire, try to avoid these as much as possible, m0st especially by keeping your indoor spaces clean. During extreme weather changes, try to stay indoors as much as possible where you can adjust the temp and humidity based on what’s convenient for you and your skin.

4. Poor hygiene and incorrect skincare routine. Forgetting to wipe off your makeup before going to bed may seem minor but, have you noticed that you get a zit the morning after? That’s how dirty and disgusting your pores could get. Every day and every night without fail, make sure to cleanse and tone. You should also stick to non-irritating and non-comedogenic products to avoid depositing impurities in your pores.

5. Poor lifestyle choices. Cameron Diaz who admitted to have suffered from acne during her teenage years once shared, “Looking back, I realize that I hadn’t needed those prescription drugs, those vials of potions and creams. [I] hadn’t needed to be angry at my skin or feel bad about myself. I had just needed to listen to my body.”

Knowing techniques on pimples on face removal tips and causes of pimples can help but, your lifestyle remains to be the top reason why you get pimples and it is, at the same time, the best way you can tackle your pimples and keep your skin clear from it. Your pimple is like a radar of what’s going on in your body. Eat right, exercise regularly, and give yourself a break. Soon enough, the positive difference will be evident.


A zit cream, preferably one that contains benzoyl peroxide will dry out and ease the swelling on your pimple in less than 24 hours. Unfortunately, zit creams do not work out the same wonders when pimples become chronic, non-stop, and spread all over your face and other body surfaces. Managing your pimples where the problem begins will always be the smartest way to deal with it.