Testosterone And HGH- What You Need To Know

When we speak of Testosterone and HGH or Human Growth Hormone, many think that these are not interrelated. In fact, the converse is the truth. While these are two different chemicals, these are related and symbiotic. Both of these human hormones are essential for the body, as we shall see in this article.

Lack of Testosterone and HGH

A person who is deficient in these two naturally occurring chemicals feels fatigue, joint pains, muscle loss and many other problems. This takes place due to many causes such as:

· Illness

· Brain injury

· Genetics

· Cancer and treatments

· Medications

· Lifestyle

· Age

Benefits of Testosterone and HGH

Let us now see why these are so important for our bodies. These vital chemicals or hormones affect not only one part of the body, but several other parts too.

For instance, the Human Growth Hormone secreted by the Pituitary Gland travels to various parts of the body such as the blood stream and the testes, where it performs different functions. When this hormone enters the bloodstream, it reaches the liver and then stimulates the same to produce IGF-1.

This is a chemical similar to insulin and helps in cell growth, DNA synthesis and cell regeneration.

HGH enters the testes through the blood stream as well, which it stimulates to produce testosterone. Just like IGF-1, Testosterone is anabolic in nature as well. Anabolic substances are directly responsible for the growth of muscle mass, sexual health, metabolism and protein synthesis.

The benefits of high testosterone production are many:

· Reduction in joint pains

· Stronger bones

· Better sleep

· Increase in energy

· Increased libido

· Stronger erections for a longer duration

· Increase in orgasms and pleasure

Together, the benefits of Testosterone and HGH are even more:

· Better mental functions, focus and memory

· Stronger immunity and faster healing

· Faster weight loss and better metabolism

· Improvement in eyesight

· A healthier heart

· Increase in red blood cell production

· Improved skin elasticity and reduction in sagging,

· Improvement in cellular regeneration

· Improvement in internal organ function and size

· Enhanced emotional

· Increased drive and motivation

· Reduction or cessation of menopause

Who should take Testosterone and HGH hormone therapy?

Normally, there are two groups of people who should have this therapy.

The first group is that of athletes who wish to augment their sport performance including endurance, strength and athleticism. Testosterone, according to research has shown to give rise to considerable muscle growth, a marked increase in strength and augmented fat loss.

The second group of people are those who suffer from the effects of deficiencies of these two hormones. As people age, their production of testosterone and HGH drop significantly. This happens especially from 30 years of age.

Some people prefer to have supplementary dosage of HGH only. This is not wrong at all, and is in fact highly effective. Remember that if your secretion of HGH hormone is sufficient, your testosterone production shall follow. High testosterone production in turn leads to further secretion of HGH. This is thus a cyclical process and a symbiotic one.

Be mindful of how much dose you are taking. Unmindful intake of testosterone can give rise to acne, male breasts and even cancer! Always remember to ask your doctor regarding dosage. While the hormone is clearly beneficial, an overdose can give you problems which are undesirable.

What is the best solution?

The best solution is to combine HGH and testosterone secretagogues. This results in significant fat loss, faster muscle growth, rise in strength, endurance and overall increase in body fitness. It is always advisable to seek professional help lest overdose or under dose creates havoc in the overall body functionality.