Sauna use can have great benefits for your health and wellbeing

We all look for various therapies that are beneficial for our health and wellbeing, and we often try all kinds of treatments in order to keep up our health. But before using different methods in order to maintain our wellbeing, we should all try to be less stressed, live in the moment and be happier because these are the keys points to a calmer and healthier life. However, besides living a healthy lifestyle, there are other things that we can do in order to be live a happier life. For example, what are your thoughts on sauna and its regular use? Do you believe that this Finnish approach to wellbeing could bring a lot of benefits to your mind, health, and performance? Well, whether you are planning a trip to Finland or not, you should try having a sauna session at least once a year because it has tremendous benefits for your overall health.

First things first – history of sauna

It is said that sauna is a way of life in Finland, it was invented almost 3,000 years ago and is the only Finnish word that we can find in an English dictionary. The Mayans used saunas for good health and religious ceremonies but now, Finnish people consider sauna an important part of their everyday lives. Based on a study published in 2015, it is said that the more saunas you take per week, the longer you will live and due to the fact that Finnish people have an extraordinary life expectancy, this study really shows the one and only truth. So, the first sauna was dug in the ground and later, by using wooden logs, people have started to build saunas above the ground. At first, this room did not have a chimney and heating such a room took almost half a day because people used a stone stove in order to heat rocks with a wood fire.

In the beginning, this form of relaxation was called “savu” for this word means “smoke” in Finnish but it later transformed into what we all know now as a sauna. Afterwards, the sauna had a metal woodstove heather as well as a chimney and anywhere Finnish people travelled, they talked about their sauna culture and why it is important to have sauna sessions every so often. So, Americans found out about saunas in 1638 and the late 1950’s brought an improvement to the former stone stove – the electric sauna stove.

Health benefits of sauna

  • Sauna burns calories: Yes, you have read that right! Many sellers promote sauna as a weight loss tool and that is true because sauna use can really help you get rid of extra weight. Of course, if you are in poor shape, the sauna can help you burn high amounts of calories at first but as soon as you start getting used to sauna sessions, you will not burn as many calories as you first did. Also, a considerable amount of energy is required for the sweating process to happen and, pursuant to medical researchers, a person can sweat off almost 300 calories in a sauna session. So, the more time the sauna session lasts, the more oxygen your body will demand and as the heart activity increases, the body turns more calories into usable energy.
  • Sauna cleanses the skin and replaces dead skin cells: When it comes to cleansing the skin, it is well-known the fact that heat bathing works wonders for the skin. Thus, deep sweating helps dead skin cells to be replaced, rinses bacteria out and cleanses the pores.
  • Sauna is great for insomnias too: If you use sauna later in the day, this will help you be more relaxed and have a deeper sleep. This happens because sauna has a relaxing decline in endorphins, which facilitates sleep.
  • Sauna is a great way to de-stress your mind and body: Sauna bathers say that the most common benefit of sauna use is stress reduction. Nowadays, people all over the world deal with this common issue that affects our health, so stepping into a sauna can really relax muscles, improve circulation and release endorphins – the hormone associated with feelings of happiness and pleasure. Also, due to the fact that most people work and do not have time to regularly use saunas, then sauna kits or DIY sauna kits can come in handy. Of course, you can install your own home sauna if the space in your house allows you to have one.
  • Sauna relaxes muscles and soothes pains: Due to endorphins too, sauna use can minimize the pain of muscle soreness after an intense physical workout. Also, because the temperature of the body is rising when using the sauna, the blood vessels dilate. Thus, the blood circulation increases and the body starts to go through a natural healing process. Moreover, specialists advice active people to use the heat or steam of a sauna after a gym session or something similar because this can help reduce muscle tension and it can also help get rid of toxins that are present in our bodies.
  • Sauna fights illnesses: The heat of a sauna produces white blood cells, which help kill viruses and help fight different illnesses. Thus, if you have symptoms from colds, flu or allergies, sauna use can clear up the symptoms of sinus congestion. Also, if you already have a cold or a flu, you should know that sauna use can help speed recovery.
  • Sauna can make you feel good: Even though saunas are seen as a way of pampering retreats, you need to do what feels good for your mind and body. Therefore, if you want to look better, sleep better, and feel better, try to relax and restore your body by spending enough time in the calming atmosphere of the sauna.
  • Sauna can bring social benefits too: The sauna can be a private area where you can meet up and socialize with your family and friends. Moreover, because a sauna seems more like an intimate environment, quiet and personal conversations are usually the type of conversations people go for.