Pristyn Care – Avail the best laparoscopic surgery for gallstones Treatment

Laparoscopic surgery for gallstone is known as cholecystectomy which is the process of removal of the gallbladder. Pristyn Care specializes in laparoscopic gallbladder removal which is a minimally invasive surgery. 

During the surgery, the abdomen is inflated with carbon dioxide which is harmless. A special tool called laparoscope is used to perform the surgery. The surgeon inserts the laparoscope that has a video camera attached on top of it. The video is displayed on the screen and guides the surgeon to remove the gallbladder safely. This surgery is performed under general anesthesia. 

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is the most common and preferred gallstone removal surgery. The gallbladder stores the digestive fluid called bile which is produced in the liver. Bile is released by the gallbladder to break down and absorb fatty tissues. Digesting food without a gallbladder is not a problem. Removing the gallbladder is a treatment when it is diseased or it is inflamed. 

The primary reason for the removal of the gallbladder is the presence of gallstones and the problems they cause. The bile solidifies and forms gallstones in the gallbladder. They vary in size and number in each gallstone patient. 

You may need laparoscopic gallstone for the following reasons: 

  • If the gallbladder does not empty bile completely due to gallstones.
  • The gallstones may cause inflammation of the gallbladder
  • Gallstones move to the bile duct and cause a blockage that prevents the gallbladder from draining. 
  • Inflammation of the pancreas due to gallstones

When there is a continuous gallbladder attack the symptoms that a patient gets are:

  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Yellow skin and white eyes
  • Dark-colored urine and pale-colored stool

Doctors at Pristyn Care explained the reasons for the gallstones formation:

  • If the bile contains too much cholesterol which cannot be dissolved, the excess cholesterol forms gallstones. This may happen because of birth control pills, excess estrogen level or hormone replacement therapy.
  • Obesity is another reason for gallstones formation.
  • People with hereditary are more likely to get gallstones.
  • Sudden weight loss.

How to prepare for laparoscopic surgery for gallstones at Pristyn Care?

There are different tests conducted to make sure that you fulfill conditions to undergo laparoscopic surgery. They also verify the exact location of the gallstones which makes it easy for the surgeons to locate them. The tests performed are:

  • Blood test
  • Ultrasound and imaging test
  • Complete physical test
  • Medical history

Inform the doctor if you are taking any medicine or any supplements. Before the surgery, the surgeon may ask you to stop certain medicines. You must avoid eating a few hours before the surgery. 

Laparoscopic surgery for gallstones is the most advanced and preferred treatment. It is a daycare procedure where you may be able to go home within 24-48 hours of the surgery. You are advised to walk as soon as you are able to get up after the surgery. This reduces the risk of getting blood clots and the patient can resume daily activities in a week or two. It is important to take care of the incision site when you are recovering which includes, washing, cleaning and changing the bandages. 

According to Pristyn care experts, laparoscopic gallstones surgery has the following advantages: 

  • Daycare procedure
  • Less pain post-surgery
  • Shorter recovery time as compared to open surgery
  • A 24×7 care buddy from Pristyn Care is appointed to take care of the patient
  • Hassle-free experience
  • Cosmetic results are excellent
  • Quick return to work after surgery

After a few hours of the surgery, the patient is allowed to drink water and other liquids after the doctor permits. The doctor gives a diet chart and exercises that the patient needs to follow after the surgery. The patient can resume daily activities whenever he or she feels comfortable. But avoid strenuous activities like lifting heavy objects or swimming or climbing stairs. Medicines are provided by the team such as pain killers or stool softeners along with proper instructions. Regular follow-ups are taken from Pristyn Care team to make sure the patient is doing well after the surgery. 

Prevention methods

You may reduce the risk of gallstones if you follow these instructions:

  • Do not skip meals. Try to stick to your normal routine. Eat small meals with intervals instead of large meals twice a day.
  • Lose weight gradually. Go slow when you lose weight as speedy weight loss may result in gallstone formation.
  • Obesity is the main reason for gallstones. Maintain a healthy weight. Exercise and physical activity are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.


Pristyn Care provides the best laparoscopic surgery for gallstones which is considered to be the most advanced treatment. With a focus on a speedy recovery and customized patient care, it is a healthcare center of excellence for advanced treatments and laparoscopic surgeries. The advantages of getting treatment at Pristyn Care include:

  • Seamless surgical experience
  • Free post-surgery follow-ups
  • In the case of surgery, they provide pick and drop facility to the patient
  • Highly skilled and experienced doctors with advanced technology
  • No cost EMI for treatment