Key Effects of Low Testosterone Levels in Males

Testosterone is a hormone that is found in both men and women but it is found in much higher levels in men and can have a big impact on their functioning and quality of life. When a man suffers from low testosterone levels, it can have a negative impact in many ways. However, a reduction in testosterone levels in men comes with age, so as you get older you will find that your testosterone levels drop.

There are many functions that are aided by the testosterone hormone in men. Some of the key ones including sex drive, muscle strength, production of sperm, density of bones, distribution of fat, and the production of red blood cells. As the testosterone levels drop, all of these functions can be affected and this can have a knock-on effect on health and quality of life.

Some of the key negative effects of low testosterone in men

When men experience a drop in testosterone levels or they have naturally low testosterone levels to begin with, it can result in a number of key negative effects. One key area of life that is affected by low levels of this hormone is sex life. With low testosterone levels, men have lower sex drives and reduced libidos, which can naturally have an impact on relationships. In addition, low testosterone levels can result in fewer erections as well as infertility.

Men may also experience a range of physical changes as a result of lower testosterone levels. Some may find that their body fat increases while muscle mass decreases. Bones may become more delicate and fragile because of the drop in testosterone levels and the amount of hair on the body may reduce. Breast tissue can become tender and inflamed and some men even experience hot flashes. In addition, the physical effects can include a surge in fatigue levels and an impact on cholesterol levels.

Another area that may be affected by low testosterone levels in men is getting quality sleep. Although a drop in this hormone can cause increased tiredness and fatigue, it can also result in problems sleeping, which can add to the misery further. Some men find that they develop insomnia and disturbances in sleep patterns as well as sleep quality.

Finally, you have to consider the emotional changes that can come with a drop in testosterone levels in men. Some men develop depression as a result of a drop in hormone levels and others feel a reduction in their feelings of well being. Memory and concentration levels can also be adversely affected as a result of a reduction in testosterone levels in men. Some men find that they become more irritable and impatient as well, which can affect their work and their home life.

There are solutions that may help men with low testosterone levels such as HRT but it is important to first speak to your doctor for further advice. A determination can then be made with regards to the best solution.