Is Your Skin Ready For the Summer? 

Summer is almost here and you know what that means. There will be plenty of moments to enjoy on the beach or spend your leisure summer days around the town. However, no matter how much you like summer and find the sun pleasant, sun rays will show every bit of negligence on your skin. So, can you confidently say that your skin is ready for the summer? If you need some helpful tips on how to prep your skin for some summer fun, read on.

Establish a routine

Proper skincare routine is essential if you want to keep your skin youthful and healthy-looking all year round, and not just during the summer. Basically, it’s important to provide your skin with proper care in the mornings and evenings. However, your morning and evening skincare routine shouldn’t be the same. You need something light and moisturizing during the day while replenishing and rejuvenating products are perfect for the night.

Listen to your skin

Your skin will require different types of skincare as the seasons change. Therefore, that very rich cream you used during the winter will probably just clog your pores during the summer. This is true for people with both dry and oily skin type. Therefore, try to listen to what your skin wants in this period and switch up your skincare products to match its needs. For example, you may find that exfoliating your skin twice a week instead of just once a week works a lot better for your skin during the warmer months.

Choose the right cleansers

Cream and foaming cleansers may have been your best friends during the colder months but this doesn’t mean that they will continue to be once it becomes really hot outside. Of course, these particular cleansers can still work from time to time. But during the summer, you should go for mild gel cleansers. These will clean your face properly without drying it out. Also, while you can get away with using one gel cleanser in the morning, you still need to clean your face with additional makeup removers prior to the cleanser before you go to bed. Going to sleep with your makeup still on can be very harmful for your skin. However, the damage can get even worse if you think it’s enough to clean a face full of makeup with one pump of gel cleanser and just apply a night cream afterwards.

Find suitable skincare products

Serums and gels are perfect for your morning skincare routine. These can effectively moisturize your skin without feeling too heavy or oily. Of course, using a sunscreen during the day is a must. Basically, SPF is the pillar of your proper summer skin prep. However, before bedtime, it’s important that you provide your skin with additional moisture and care. Relatively rich night creams and oils can effectively restore the balance in your skin and make it more elastic and rejuvenated. You don’t have to use just one skincare brand for your skincare routine but some people swear by this trick. If you want to try it out, some quality skincare brands such as Skinceuticals have everything that you can possibly need, regardless of your skin type.

Take care of your skin from the inside

It can’t be stressed enough how much proper skincare is important for keeping your skin radiant, healthy and supple. However, something that’s even more important than skincare is proper diet and hydration from the inside. Combination of proper skincare and healthy lifestyle works best for your skin. Therefore, make sure that you enrich your diet with omega-3 fatty acids, as well as vitamins and antioxidants. Moreover, drink plenty of water during the day.

The above-mentioned tips may seem overwhelming at first, but once you choose the right skincare products for you and look up the best foods for your diet, you’ll be all set for adequate summer skin prep. Just make sure to stick to your routine.