Is Golf A Form Of Exercise?

There has been a misconception since ages that golf is all about going to the green, take a swing at the ball, walk some distances and repeat the same action. But it is much more beyond that. Just like other sports, it requires a specific degree of fitness and activity. It involves cardiovascular exercise, balance, focus, strength and much more.

Carrying your whole body along with the golfing gear for hours is a challenging task. This is why a golf workout routine is crucially important for the muscles to remain in an orderly condition.

We know the importance of exercise before and after the game but is golf a form of exercise in itself? Absolutely yes. Here it is how.


It is more walking than golfing and this is probably one of the best parts of the sport for a fitness perspective. High amount of cardiovascular activity is involved in golf. Most golf courses are spread over acres of hilly and bumpy grounds. A golfer needs to walk along with the gear for hours which improves the cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular exercises are only thought of swimming, jogging and biking but you get same sorts of benefits when you walk and not ride in a golf cart.

Strength training

Golfing consists of more exercise than one can think. It requires high amounts of strength training that goes on during the game. It is often considered by many as a passive game but there is a lot of strength and activity involved in golf. Swinging a golf club is not that challenging in respect to strengths but you have a lot of hills in golf courses. Walking up these hills constantly works on leg muscles and the lower body. Additionally, lifting your bag and carrying around the golf course all the day is an ideal way to improve upper body strength.


Balance is one of things that gets improved if you play golf frequently. Golfing increases the ability to balance your body. It is very important for individuals to have high amount of balance. People who have great balance often have a strong core. Core includes abdominal muscles. These muscles work together with other ones to prevent back pain and other dangerous conditions. So playing golf is an opportunity to improve your balance that any individual must not miss.


Golf has proved to be beneficial in number of ways. Concentration is one of the benefit that golf gives. It is an ideal way to exercise your body but that’s not it. Researches prove that it is even an exercise for the brain. Exercising your brain is crucially important for a long life and to prevent brain degradation which ultimately results into memory loss. Golfing compels you to memorize images, numbers and particular techniques in order to be successful on the course. It is an amazing exercise for not only your body but the brain as well that enables you to improve concentration and focus levels.