How to fight addictions

Addiction to any substance of abuse is a nasty thing. Substance abuse takes millions of lives every year and leaves many others handicapped. If you are someone who has an addiction to a harmful substance, there are some steps you absolutely need to follow to ensure that you do not put yourself in any fatal danger and do not make life a challenge for you and your loved ones.

Get Yourself a Good Therapist

To get yourself out of the addiction phase, you need a good therapist. Talk to him or her about why you started substance abuse in the first place and what’s holding you back from quitting. They will advise you on things that you can do to stop your abusive habit. They might prescribe some pills that can stop the cravings and the withdrawal symptoms.

Try Substituting Your Addiction

If you do not think you are in a very critical stage in your addiction, you could try some remedies of your own along with consulting your doctor. For example, to quit smoking, many people are advised to use nicotine patches or chew gum. Chewing gum has been known for mildly suppressing many kinds of cravings. You can try taking up a hobby like playing the guitar every time you think you need a hit.

Take a Vacation

Sometimes, all you need is a change of scenery. Try to save up some money or dig into your savings and go to a far-off land with very different people and culture. Take in the beautiful scenery and try to relax by not thinking about the pressures of your old life. Traveling often makes people realize that they have a lot more to live for and it becomes relatively easier to quit.

Talk to Your Friends and Family and ask for Encouragement

Encouragements from your loved ones are sometimes all you need to stay focused on your goal. Cut off anyone who discourages you for now and ask those who are close to you to keep cheering you on to quit your addiction. Maybe you will quit because you do not want to let these people down.

Be More Physically Active

If possible, try to take up a sport. Sports give you a thrill and excitement which releases lots of favorable hormones in your body. Even if these hormones will not stop your cravings completely, maybe you will be able to suppress them more than you previously were. You can even take up a gym membership or an early morning jog to keep you on your toes.

Check Yourself into a Rehab

There are many addiction treatment centres with inpatient and outpatient facilities to cure people at all stages of addiction. This is one of the most effective methods to quit your addictions. There is trained staff and personnel at every rehab facility and they all help you cope up with treatment. They even prescribe medication to stop your cravings and make it easier to quit.