How to Choose a Good Medical Alert System?

All the medical alert systems do the same thing. You have to press a button, the signal goes to the agent, and they help you out. So, how would you pick one system over the other? There are differences in all these systems.

Internet-Based Medical Alert Systems

Some use a traditional landline, and if you do not have a landline, then you have to bring one to your house. This results in doubling your monetary cost. Some companies also let you use internet-based medical alert systems, and some companies let you use cell phones. So, depending on what system you already have, you will go for the company that offers connections to that exact system.

Bracelets or Pendants

The equipment that you are going to receive from each company is different. They all have the same emergency button on the device; some have more lights than the others like the presence of static lights that show you that what your system is doing and some do not have a specific button on them. Some have bracelets or pendants but with different styles. While some look more like medical devices. So, in the end, it all depends on what you like.


The most important thing to a lot of people is the price. No one wants to spend too much, and no one wants to spend too less because everyone got concerns. Some companies charge an additional fee, and that can cost you up to 160$.

Therefore, you must make sure that you pick a company that has a good track record. No, do not go for the cheap companies because they might be cheaper than others for a reason. Another thing to consider is the range of your unit. For example: When you are wearing a bracelet, then you have to be a certain distance from the base unit to make it work. The ranges also vary. They can be as far as 100 feet or maybe as close as to 100 feet. So, you must check the ranges of the companies.


For some companies, you have to sign a contract, and if you cancel, then you have to pay the cancellation fee to them. In some cases, however, there is no contract to sign, so there is no cancellation fee. So, this is also thinking that you must think about before picking up a company.

Another difference between the companies is that some of them offer a way to integrate your system into a larger system, the protection system in your house, such as fire, etc. Some companies offer that, and some do not. So, if you have an existing alarm system, then you must go to the company that integrates your medical alert system with it.

Thus, all this comparison shopping is very confusing. Make it easy for yourself by visiting the website medical alert comparison. You will find the user reviews over there. Also, you can see and compare what features a specific company is having, the total charges of it and designs that are best for you.