Why is ‘Ultimate Core’ The Best Pre-Workout?

In the past, people would either have some toast or eat a banana before a workout and for a while this was sufficient. This was until a group of supplements defined as “pre-workouts” hit shelves. Then the toast and banana were trumped overnight. But for people transitioning into pre-workout supplements, it can be a daunting task deciding on which one suits you the best. When looking for a pre-workout and sporting supplement it feels like you are bombarded with different products all claiming different results and new ingredients.

The hardest part about taking a pre-workout is deciding on which one to use. This involves sifting through marketing material and over-exaggerated performance claims. Researching ingredients and checking case studies and evidence is time consuming and can be tedious. Branding agency “Relier Marketing” says that 70% of the sports supplement claims are exaggerated.

Who Should Use It?

If you do any type of high-intensity sport then Ultimate Core is for you. From track and field athletes to weight lifters, this supplement is designed to fit all types of people, regardless of gender or age.

Different people have different fitness needs and goals, which require different supplements. That’s where ‘Ultimate Core’ comes in. If you are looking to bulk, cut or just increase your energy you shouldn’t have to look at three different products. And now you don’t have to.

Exxtreme Labs has designed the first pre-workout product that can fulfill all of your fitness needs. Instead of purchasing multiple pre-workouts and other powders, all you need is ‘Ultimate Core’. And the best part? It’s all natural.

What’s In It?

Each ingredient in ‘Ultimate Core’ has gone under thorough clinical studies and frequent testing. Exxtreme Labs prides their products on having little to no side-effects, this is important because most pre-workouts are hard to digest and often result in bloating.

Including 180mg of caffeine and l-theanine, this will make sure you have explosive energy without the crash afterwards. Unlike other supplement companies, Exxtreme Labs uses minimal caffeine in their products and this reduces the jittery feeling while you work out.

The main ingredients are beta-alanine, betaine, citrulline, Taurine, caffeine, synephrine, hordenine and bioperine.

Different people will be effected differently by ingredients, so avoid consuming any sports supplement containing one nutrient with over 100 percent of your daily recommended allowance. For example, too much caffeine can cause nausea, diarrhea and increase blood pressure. Not to mention, too much beetroot can make your blood vessels dilate to the point where you get nosebleeds, which can be dangerous if you are taking pre-workouts for a long period of time.

The Results

We have seen Ultimate Core increase energy levels significantly without the crash afterwards, this increase in energy makes lifting heavier loads much easier. For track and field athletes, we have seen faster 100m times and even faster cross-country race times.

Experience explosive power, laser focus and increased amount of muscle pumps. For endurance sports, Ultimate Core will help you train for longer and more intensely. This will maximize the results that you see after every session.

How To Use It?

First measure out the suggested measurement of the powder, pour the powder into either water or the liquid of your choice. From there shake the mixture and drink up.

What you should be looking at when deciding on a pre-workout to use is how many servings are in one packet. Exxtreme Labs offers 30 servings per jar of ‘Ultimate Core’.

The most important thing to keep in mind with all sports supplements is your safety. Most sports supplements like pre-workouts are unregulated by the FDA, so they can be sold in stores until the FDA has a reason to pull them from shelves.