Health Tips that Magazines NEVER mention

Lifestyle magazines are constantly churning out pages of ‘Health Tips’ in their monthly or weekly issues. However, if you actually take note and compare them between different issues you will notice that most of them end up repeating themselves over and over again. We all know the kind of articles that are part and parcel of just about every single ‘Health’ Section of every single lifestyle magazine… diets and e of every single lifestyle magazine: new diets and exercises to get a flat stomach. That is not to say that these are not useful tips, but I am amazed at how many other actual health issues are brushed over.

There is guaranteed to be an article in any health section that tackles that issue of weight. That is a given considering the pressure that society puts us under when it comes to appearance. However, health can span a multitude of different subjects and dental health is something that is rarely touched upon. It might be that people would rather read about fat loss tips rather than ‘How to prevent fillings’, but surely the odd articles might actually do some good rather than sending people on these extreme yoyo diets!?

I personally don’t like the dentist, and I do not know anybody that enjoys visiting the men in white coats – however, I am a strong believer that if there were more tips out there regarding dental health and how to avoid fillings then I would take these steps. For example, my local family dentist runs a blog with a load of tips that I am sure the readers of these lifestyle magazines would be happy to read…..if only to avoid the pain of having someone drilling into their teeth. It is not just about avoiding fillings, it can be advice on how to use teeth whitening kits or what the best age to get braces is (obviously if needed!

Another subject that I rarely see mentioned is that of common skin conditions. I am not talking about just dry skin; this is tackled with the product placement of nivea and co. No, more common issues affecting a significant proportion of the population like eczema. Advice from doctors and other health professionals would be welcomed by those who have these sorts of conditions. Yes, they can go on the internet and find out but for the most part their conditions are not exactly life threatening and so nothing really gets done.

However, if there was an article on how to tackle persistent dandruff or eczema then it would demonstrate that the magazines actually care more about the overall health of their readers rather than just their weight…and I think this would be welcomed by many a reader. Who knows, maybe it will fail miserably but I have a feeling that there will be a lot of gratitude from readers. Anyhow, rant over. Come on magazines, write something different rather than the generic weight loss tips that you keep on re hashing every single issue!