Should I buy Sonic or an Oscillating Toothbrush?

Toothbrush is a necessity to maintain oral hygiene and proper dental condition. Even this industry has seen a lot of technical advances, like from manual brushes to electric brushes or battery operated brushes. Today’s market offers both the manual toothbrush and battery operated toothbrush.

But the battery operated toothbrush is available in different variants that are sonic and oscillating. A study conducted showed that an oscillating brush removes plaque more effectively than any manual toothbrush.

Many argue on the merits of a sonic brush over oscillating toothbrush and visa versa. So let us examine the features of both to understand which type of toothbrush should stand your preference.

Oscillating toothbrush

The very fundamental difference that you will notice on an oscillating toothbrush is that its bristles are arranged in a circular pattern, and the brush head moves back and forth to provide a complete brushing experience.

With technological advancement, most of the brands that manufacture the oscillating toothbrush now provide pulsating, vibrating and oscillating movement in the same brush. All these movements combined offer better and superior brushing experience than a manual brush or any other electric brush. Hidden plague and other cavities are removed easily with oscillating movement than a to and fro motion with hands.

These oscillating brushes have a good range that provides oscillation up to 7500 rotations each minute as gains the manual brushing that on an average provided 300 rotations at Max.

Sonic Toothbrush

The sonic toothbrush is considered superior to oscillating one, as it performs both rotary motion and oscillating motion but at a considerably high speed that ranges 24000-48000 motion movements each minute. Most researchers believe that the super fast action in a sonic toothbrush can easily break food particles, plague and other bacteria causing elements that stick between your teeth and gum. Which imparts better tooth cleaning and helps in maintaining good oral hygiene.

Another reason why sonic toothbrushes are considered superior is the technique of fluid dynamics. It implies that using this technique, more brushing area is covered and the brush reaches those portion of the mouth that is hard to achieve using any other brush or brushing technique.

What you should prefer

Now, as discussed both oscillating and sonic brushes have merits, and both prove to be a better choice than a manual brush. But when it comes to selecting anyone, the decision can be a bit confusing. I prefer using the rotating oscillating toothbrush, that my favorite.

Although both techniques are equally advantageous, yet few users complain that a sonic toothbrushes super fast speed become at time painful on the gums. Moreover, in some instances, users experienced severe gum pain leading to medical attention.

Both toothbrushes are battery operated and will require battery change at regular intervals.

Also, it’s a caution for people suffering from cardiac problems or having pacemakers may not use a sonic toothbrush as its frequency can cause damage to the pacemaker.

So, it’s just a matter of preference which one of the two you would choose. Probably you should go with those having some offers on them like a discounted price or free battery etc. that’s all I can add now!