How Pests Threat Can Make You Suffer From Food-borne Illnesses

Studies have shown that most of the foodborne diseases are caused due to the infestation of pests. Therefore, it is very important for us to ensure that the food we eat is hygienic and free from any kind of contamination due to the pests.

Even if you are eating outside, then you must ensure that the restaurants or dining outlets you choose maintain proper kind of hygienic measures, to keep any kind of pests from contaminating the food they serve. That will help you in avoiding any kind of food poisoning and related side effects.

What is a food-borne illness?

A food borne disease it contracted from contamination or spoilage of food. While processing or cooking food, many organisms can contaminate or infect the food. There are two reasons why this can happen, one being failure to cook the right way and other the pest infestation.

Food-Borne Illness Types

There are 250 plus different types of food borne diseases. Most of these illnesses are caused by:

  • Parasites
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Chemicals
  • Prions

These are spread by pests such as rodents, roaches, flies, etc.


Flies are attracted to the open food kept anywhere. There are fruit flies, blow flies, house flies and many other varieties of flies which keep buzzing around in search of food. They are attracted to the odor which is generated by the food and thereby fly in search of it.

These flies get the best environment for themselves in the restaurants where the food is available in open in most of the places. Hence, these flies consume this food and bring with them, hundreds of bacteria and germs which are unhealthy for human consumption.


Rodents form another major problem for the restaurants to protect their food from. Rodents are one of the major causes of foodborne diseases. They have a much more capability than flies in spreading diseases in an area.

These rodents drop fecal pellets while roaming around the house and these fecal pellets carry certain pathogens like Salmonella and Hantavirus. If consumed, these pellets could even lead to the death of the person.


Hence, it is necessary that proper measures are taken at any place where food is being cooked to ensure that the food is secured from these pathogens.

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Some of these are:

  • Waste Management: One must ensure that the waste is properly disposed and proper care is taken of the waste which is being generated in the place of food production.
  • Hygiene: It is necessary that proper hygiene is maintained and all the measures are taken to ensure the hygienic practice of the workers.
  • Sanitation: Proper cleaning and mopping of the floor must take place from time to time.
  • Entry Maintenance: You need to ensure that there is proper maintenance of the entry of fests into the place where food is kept in the kitchen.

Decontamination and Prevention

Pests love feasting on food and garbage, be it flies, cockroaches or rodents. These pest not only contaminate the food or garbage, but also the environment and spread it. Thus, it is recommended that you do not leave your trash in the house for a long time. Also, get a pest control done as and when needed.

You could try decontamination with a number of home pest control treatments, but none of these work for long. Thus it is always recommended that you hire professionals to not only get rid of them, but also ensure safe and healthy environment in your home or office.


Hence, the control of pests in the area where food is stored is a must. It must be taken care that top most priority is given to the storage and the cleanliness of the food to ensure that the hygiene of the place is well-maintained and there is no chance of any pest interception in the food storage or the cooking area of the place.