Negative factors that damage your skin

In addition to being the largest organ of the human body, the skin is a tissue that protects our body from bacteria, regulates body temperature, and collects all kinds of information through receptors of touch, pain, cold, or heat. In order for our skin to stay healthy, we must do several treatments which include the use of medicines from pharmacy services, both conventional and online such as The Independent Pharmacy. But maintaining our skin from the nuisance factors is more important.

In this extensive guide, we will try sharing some negative factors that damage the skin.

Negative factors that damage the skin

If looking at the mirror and the first thing you notice are marks and wrinkles on the skin, you may be doing something wrong. Skin care is not only important for our self-esteem, but also for our health. To keep your face healthy and radiant, it is essential to be aware of the habits that damage our skin, causing premature aging and other skin problems. Many of them are a real surprise!

Hair spray

Many people use hair spray to make different hairstyles that make them feel attractive and confident. However, the chemical components of these products are extremely damaging to the skin. Therefore, we recommend you cover your face well when using it or replace it with another product.


Although this product serves to keep the pool clean, the effect it produces on the skin is not as positive. Chlorine not only dries and stains the skin but also causes damage to melanin. The next time you leave the pool, make sure you wash your body thoroughly with soap and water to remove all the chlorine residue from the skin.


Caffeine is the active compound of coffee that, in spite of keeping us awake and alert, produces damages on the skin that later results in wrinkles, chronic dryness, and other imperfections. To prevent this from happening, accompany your cup of coffee with plenty of water so that the skin stays well hydrated.

Going to sleep with makeup

In addition to soiling the pillow with traces of shadows and eyelash mask, going to sleep with the face makeup also produces clogging of the pores and accumulation of bacteria on the face, responsible for the appearance of acne. Remember to use make-up remover before going to sleep.

Try to blow comedones or pimples

Although pimples, blackheads, or pimples are annoying and even painful, the worst thing you can do is touch them. When trying to burst a comedón, the only thing that we manage is to enter bacteria to the pores that then could worsen the picture. If you really feel the need to do it, you should make sure to wash your hands with soap and water and sterilize the area with a disinfectant product.

Excessive use of cell phones

These devices are covered with bacteria that, when entering the pores, could cause buds in the chin and cheek area. We recommend cleaning your phone once a day to avoid contact with harmful bacteria.


The lack of water in the body can cause various health problems, including skin conditions. To maintain freshness and elasticity, the skin needs to stay hydrated at all times. If you spend most of the day outside your home, remember to bring a bottle of water and drink at least 9 glasses a day.

Skip meals

To stay healthy, the skin also needs essential nutrients and minerals. When we skip a meal, we are depriving the skin of getting the vitamins and minerals it so badly needs. Make sure you incorporate foods rich in vitamins C, D, E, and B3, which are the most important nutrients for the skin.

Try too many products

To avoid cosmetic disasters, you will most likely try different products on your skin before buying them. Although the idea is not bad, applying too many products on the skin could lead to allergies and rashes. To prevent this from happening, apply the product on the hand and wait to see if an allergic reaction occurs.

Long hot baths

Despite being pleasant, long, hot and recurrent baths can have a negative impact on the skin. If the skin begins to turn red and irritated, it is a signal to leave the bathroom.

Dirty sunglasses

Like cell phones, during the course of the day, sunglasses also accumulate bacteria that could cause outbreaks and rashes. To prevent this from happening, we recommend cleaning them once or twice a day.

Some of the above factors may not be completely avoided in everyday life but at least you can be more careful in dealing with them.