Best natural ways to lose weight in short period of time

Obesity is one of the most severe concerns all across the globe. It has also been one of the reasons behind increment in death rate and prevalence of a multitude of diseases. Even if you are not categorized as an obese, the chances are high of being overweight.

Unfortunately many victims of obesity tend to rely on unnatural methods of losing weight which tends to be detrimental in long run. You can visit healthable to look forward to better ways, nevertheless, here are some natural methods listed to experience the result in short period of time:


This is perhaps the most common way which people seek to rely on when losing weight. Exercise is the best remedy which enables you to maintain a healthy weight and get rid of excessive fat in a short period of time. However, the results are only instant if exercise is done on a consistent basis. You need to maintain a proper fitness routine and follow it in a persistent manner to get results.

Cut on unhealthy food

One of the reasons why people put up weight is excessive consumption unhealthy food which may be high in fats. This is the right time to avoid food which is excessively oily in nature. Rather consider piling up on vegetables. Consume more fruits. Do not eat too much of sweet and deserts. This will do nothing but add more on your weight.

Engage in healthy activities

With the progression of technology, people are getting lazier day by day. This has resulted into less activity which ultimately leads to more weight. In order to reduce weight in a shorter period of time, it is imperative to engage in healthy activities. One of them is exercises as mentioned above, however, there are other activities as well which may activate your muscles. Just consider walking or jogging every morning. Have an active and healthy lifestyle to avoid the issue of overweight.

Drink more water

This is something that most of us are not aware about. Drinking water can actually help you lose weight. Drinking more water helps to burn calories in a more effective manner which helps in weight reduction directly. Moreover, completely shifting towards water means you are cutting down on beverages that are high in calories otherwise. Hence, it is recommendable to drink as much water as you can for good results.

Intermittent fasting

This is relatively a new method that most of us are not aware about. Intermittent fasting is one of the natural ways which help in reducing weight remarkably. It is a name given to an eating pattern. There are many different ways in which this form of fasting can be carried out. It helps to consume less calories and even restrict the intake during eating period. This doesn’t only result into weight loss but also leads to other health benefits. Consider it as one of your options while reducing weight.