5 Ways Your Feet Can Help Accomplish Your Fitness Goals

The feet are inarguably the foundation of the body; without them, you simply wouldn’t be able to stand up, let alone run and jump. While this may seem like an obvious statement, some people completely forget to stretch or care for their feet, treating them completely as an afterthought.

If you are an athlete, or have any fitness goals, it is essential to keep your feet in good health. The way that your weight is distributed through your feet means that poor gait and foot hygiene could also result in serious knee or back pain that will set you way back with regards to your athleticism and fitness goals.

In this post, we’re going to look at five ways to take care of your feet so that you can keep hitting the gym or the basketball court:

1. Inspecting your feet for any hard or abnormal growths like corns, warts or calluses.
If you notice any lumps or bumps, be sure to contact Feet First Clinic and visit with your local chiropodist. Foot growths can cause pain and discomfort, preventing you from performing to the best of your ability. Having lean, healthy, clean feet will make you feel better at the gym and in your day-to-day life.

2. Cutting or filing your toenails straight across is a great way to avoid ingrown toenails and nail bruising due to ill-fitting footwear. Make sure you have a thumb’s width between the tip of the toe and the front of the shoe as a prevention method. You might not think that clipping you toenails has anything to do with foot health, but it can prevent painful ingrown toenails, which on occasion, can lead to toenail fungus..

3. Wearing compression socks can improve leg vitality due to increased blood flow which helps pump more oxygen to your brain and heart. Compression socks are available in many different styles if you find that you benefit from them in everyday life, as well. For athletes, compression socks also reduce recovery time, allowing them to be at their best when it’s time to compete.

– Medical-grade graduated compression (20-30mmHg)

– Achilles tendon protectors reduce vibrations on vulnerable ligaments

– Footbed cushion zone and toe protectors help keep feet blister-free

– Latex-free, high-tech fibers provide odor and thermal regulation; socks stay incredibly dry

4. Making sure your body is properly aligned by wearing custom-made orthotics or off the shelf Superfeet insoles is key to preventing injuries and to avoid improper use of your muscles and joints. Custom orthotics are so effective for some people that they can say goodbye to foot problems after wearing them for just a few weeks or months – find out if orthotics might improve your experience in the gym today.

5. When examining your athletic footwear, look for any tears, worn areas on the soles and make sure that shoes are worn for their intended activity. Wearing your gym shoes all the time will wear down the arch and compromise their integrity. Buy new shoes every two or three years, even more frequently if you work out most days.

We hope this has been an illuminating post that will change the way you think about and treat your feet!