Five Safety Tips In Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Since the beginning of human history, us human beings have made every effort to change our outward appearances for the better. We have done it through piercing, scarification and tattooing but perhaps the most shocking of all human beautification is cosmetic surgery.

Did you know that in 2013 there were 15.1 million cases of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in the United States alone? Well, now you know.

What exactly is cosmetic plastic surgery? through this article will help you answer this and many other questions about cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is the surgery that aims at improving one’s appearance and the procedure is available for almost any part of the body. These are among the common types of cosmetic surgeries:

1. Breast surgery: It is done mostly by older women and after breast feeding to restore breasts elasticity. Others do it to enlarge the breast to boost self esteem and enhance sexuality while others do it to reduce their breast size.

2. Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck: This is done to remove excess skin and fat from middle and lower abdomen to achieve a flat and much firmer tummy.

3. Buttock lift: This is aimed to attain a more rounder and firmer buttocks hence boosting self esteem and sexuality.

4. Facial cosmetic surgery: This includes but not limited to: cheekbone implants, chin surgery, ear surgery, facelift, face and neck liposuction, forehead/ brow lift, lip enhancement and nasal reconstruction.

Across the world has established that there have been many reported cases of people who underwent cosmetic plastic surgery and it backfired on them, these people live to regret it. Some who aimed at improving their self esteem are left even more miserable for undergoing an irreversible procedure without adequate information. The increased cases of people undergoing cosmetic plastic surgery calls for an urgent need to make people aware of the safety tips before choosing to go through the procedure. This is what triggered to write this articles on safety precautions to consider before making that permanent decision of going through the surgery. If done while adhering to the safety tips then the probability of the procedure backfiring are minimal.

Here are five safety tips to consider before undergoing the procedure:

1. Credentials of the cosmetic plastic surgeon. His level of training and certification. Your body is an important asset and should be handled by a competent surgeon who is tried and tested.

2. Your lifestyle is another key thing to consider as it will have great impact to your safety in the operation room and during recovery. Among the things to consider are:

a) Your weight-history of fluctuations if any.

b) Your stress level and way of coping with it.

c) Alcohol consumption and smoking habits.

d) sun exposure and sleeping patterns.

e) Nutrition and exercise patterns. The essence of checking all this is to ensure you are fit for surgery and recovery after the surgery.

3. The surgery should be performed in a hospital to ensure safety.

4. Understand the risks of the surgery and follow every instruction for recovery.

5. Don’t shop for the lowest price. Look for experience and reputation it is more important than price. Most cheap surgeons are either not experienced or are quacks. Be cautious not to be a victim of incompetence because it can have a permanent impact in your life.

The world is changing and a lot of innovations are made every day and it’s upto us to keep up with the growing innovation so that we are aware of the positive and negative impacts they might bring in our lives. For the surgeons cosmetic surgery has brought about a source of income and beauty and improved self esteem for those of us who choose to go through the process while following the safe procedure but it has been a nightmare for those who did not know the safety tips. Now you have the safety tips from If you must go through the procedure make sure your follow the safety tips.