Five Healthy Cooking Tips to Help You Cook Your Own Healthy Food

The primary reason why we witness lazier and lethargic people these days is their diet. Our intake of unhealthy food is way more than healthy items. This has impacted our lifestyles in negative ways.

Doctors and dieticians are laying heavy emphasis on the intake of healthy foods. However, this doesn’t mean compromising on taste. Healthier versions of favorite recipes can be made without losing the taste. You can learn about it on Corrie Cooks nevertheless, here are some cooking tips that can help you cook your own healthy food:

Cut on fats and salts

Cutting down on fats is the most important thing to do when cooking food. Use a non-stick pan and dry fry when frying something. Leaving out oil cuts 45 calories per teaspoon in an average meal. Do not add more oil if the food dries out, instead try water. Oils that comprises healthy fats must be used like olive oil.

Furthermore, many recipes indicates addition of more salt. Salt can be replaced through other seasonings like pepper, herbs, lemon and vinegar. Many people consumer excessive salt than they even think. Excessive consumption of salt and oil results into conditions like obesity and blood pressure.

Consume less sugar

Consumption of less sugar can result into diabetic problems. It is recommendable to experiment using less sugar when baking. Most cakes taste the same even if half the amount of sugar is used as stated originally. Items such as tea breads, fruit cakes and fruit scones can be made without adding excessive sugar.

Increase fibers

Fiber is an essential element needed by our body. Use blown alternatives of pasta, bread and rice to increase fiber content which will contribute to your body functioning in numerous ways. Instead of using plain white flour, try out recipes that focuses more on fiber usage. Consider consuming more wholemeal and oats that are rich in fibers. Fibers are vital for a proper running of digestive system.

Incorporate more fruit and vegetables

Even though fruits and vegetables cannot be added into each and every dish, it can always be used as a sideline. Make sure vegetables are always present on your food plate. But make sure, they are cooked with herbs rather than butter or oil. Some meat in dishes like lasagna can be replaced with vegetables and pulses like beans and lentils. For all those who do not consider eating vegetables, this can be great way to disguise them.

Also make sure fruits are used in some way or another when cooking food.

Meat fat

Meat is the most important component of a non-vegetarian’s diet. Even though it is rich in proteins, fat and carbohydrates, it can be altered to make the dish healthier. Fat must be trimmed by removing the skin from the poultry before cooking. Then it must be baked, roasted or grilled rather than frying it. When cooking minced meat, make sure that fat is drained away before addition of other ingredients.