Fatigue Can Destroy Your Productivity At The Office

People often push their physical limits in order to meet deadlines and get more work done — this is especially true when it comes to their sleep schedules. Accepting fatigue as a normal aspect of work-life is wrong and ignoring your body’s need for recovery will wreck your productivity.

Many employees are confident that they can handle the mounting pressures of their projects and push their way through the exhaustion without consequences, but it’s likely that they are neglecting symptoms of fatigue that have cropped up. You should check to see if you exhibit signs of sleep deprivation like craving more fatty and sugary foods, having frequent mood swings, having trouble remembering tasks and getting sick often. Other major clues that you are suffering from sleep deprivation and chronic fatigue include:

  • You are in constant need of caffeine boosts from coffee, tea or energy drinks during the day.
  • You have deep under eye circles, puffiness and acne breakouts on your face.
  • You drift off or your eyes involuntarily shut in order for your body to get microsleep.

If you get a reasonable amount of sleep every night and still feel exhausted in the morning, there might be something else causing your fatigue. It’s possible that you have a common sleep disorder called obstructive sleep apnea, where your airway is blocked throughout the night and less oxygen travels to your brain — this makes your sleep less restorative and makes you feel lethargic when you wake up. People can treat this condition by using a continuous positive airway pressure device whenever they go to bed. You can find the high-quality CPAP machines that you need at a nearby PROFMed Healthcare Solutions location, along with essential tools and accessories like sleep masks, nasal pads and travel battery packs. You can also get contour pillows and bumper pads to help change your sleeping position, which will keep your airway clear.

Research shows that sleep deprivation impacts economies and results in thousands of lost workdays in the span of a year — countries like the United States of America, Canada, Japan and Germany all lose a significant amount of financial growth because of this problem. As an employee, fatigue in the workplace will affect your performance and could lead to issues like missed deadlines, serious errors or demotions. On the other hand, getting enough sleep makes you more productive by getting you to feel energized in the morning, making it easier to concentrate on tasks and preventing you from burning out. A restful seven to nine hours of sleep every night will help your career flourish without harming your health.

Suppressing your yawns and drinking cups of coffee will not make your work projects finish faster. To raise your productivity and motivation, you should try your hardest to sleep better every single night of the week. The lifestyle change will guarantee that you tackle your office tasks at a brisk pace without mishaps or mistakes.