Doctor at your Fingertips! Top 5 Benefits of an Online Doctor Consultation

The information age brought with it access to a great many things, including new and exciting ways to access medical care. Among these healthcare evolutions is something called telemedicine, which puts a doctor at your fingertips via technological communication.

Telemedicine began in the 1960’s as a way for doctors to treat NASA astronauts while away from home. It included the use of such technology as radios, telephones and photo imaging. Now, with computers and the world wide web only a click away, telemedicine has broken through the borders of radio communication and created a whole new way to experience medicine.

While telemedicine allowed the astronauts to receive U.S. based medical care while away from home, it’s not just for patients travelling off-planet. You can access telemedicine for a multitude of reasons in or out of your own city. So, why is telemedicine so popular today and how might it benefit you and your family? Here are 5 reasons you should try online doctors.

1. No Scheduling Conflicts: One of the major reasons many Americans miss their regular checkups is scheduling conflicts. With so many responsibilities both at work and at home, it becomes complicated to squeeze in extra appointments, even when they’re for your own good. Fortunately, with an online doctor consultation, you don’t need to go out of your way to move complicate your life anymore than you need to.

Online medical consultations work by selecting a service you want to use, filling out an online form with information explaining what type of care you require along with some personal information, and then getting in contact with a licensed, U.S. based doctor over your computer. You can access this consultation from the comfort of home, at your office, or from your car with a mobile phone. Wherever you are, and whenever you have the time, medical care is within reach.

2. Accessible Medical Care While Away from Home: Sometimes you need to access a doctor while away from home. Whether on vacation, a business trip, or travelling for other reasons, if you find yourself in need to non-emergency medical care, telemedicine bridges the gap between your usual family doctor and visiting a local clinic. This service is particularly useful if you’ve left home without a prescription and need your medication. A consultation will help an online doctor determine what type of medicine you were using, and what to prescribe while away from home. The prescription information is then sent to a nearby pharmacy in the area you are staying for pickup.

3. Medical Care for Remote Areas: A major benefit of online medicine is that it’s designed for those in rural areas. Some communities have one or no doctors in residence, making it a long trek to refill prescriptions and travel for standard checkups. Having a doctor at your fingertips through an online doctor consultation means not having to leave your town, or even your home, to get help.

Just as described above for travel purposes, patients in remote areas can consult online with a real U.S. based doctor and have a prescription sent directly to a local pharmacy. This saves time and money driving long distances to obtain a new prescription and then fill it.

4. Discreet Prescription Services: Not all medical conditions are the type you want the whole town to know about. Having to whisper over the drop off counter to a pharmacy technician you don’t know is embarrassing when you have a condition that embarrasses you. An online doctor consultation helps keep your prescription discreet by allowing you to avoid the drop off line altogether. Simple walk into the pharmacy, make your way to the pick-up counter, pay, and leave with your prescription. No prying eyes, no long-winded explanation of what you need, just exactly what you came for.

5. Medical Care Between Doctors: Finally, having a doctor at your fingertips is extremely beneficial to those who are between family GPs. If your doctor has moved, retired, or is on vacation, an online doctor consultation will get you through until another doctor can be found.

These consults aren’t meant to replace physical doctor visits, but rather supplement them when you are unable to get to your regular doctor. Curious about whether a telemedicine service could work for you? Try one for yourself!