Different Kinds of Wrong Diet Habits

Excess weight is a classic problem often faced by most people today, you might be one of them. You have done various ways in order to successfully overcome this weight problem, including by adjusting the diet. However, you who do not understand about setting up a proper diet to lose weight, so that applying the wrong diet that led to the failure of your diet.

The following diet mistakes you may have to do when dieting and how to overcome them.

Too Busy to eat
Your crowded business often makes you late or even skip the meal. If this happens, then your blood sugar levels will drop dramatically and the body will break down muscle for energy.

Solution : set an alarm on your wristwatch or cell phone during the meal arrives. This way you will not forget the time you eat.

Not Eating Sodium (salt)
The body still needs sodium to function properly. Sodium in sufficient quantities useful for maintaining fluid balance in the body. If you do not consume sodium at all, the body will experience fluid retention, cramps, and muscle strength will decrease.

Solution : consume sodium to your diet in sufficient quantities.

Source of Unhealthy Eating Calories
When hungry, you should never eat biscuits, fast food, processed food or other less-healthy food. Even with a delicious taste, it turns out the type of food is not a good source of calories for you.

Solution : you can eat sweet potatoes, oatmeal, brown rice, and vegetables. In addition to healthy, you can feel fuller for longer with this natural food.

Eating Carelessly After Successful Diet
This is what often happens, when you manage to reach the ideal weight, you will begin to eat as you please. This happens because during the diet, you feel ‘constrained’ and could not eat the foods you want.

Solution : to avoid this habit, you can apply ‘cheating day’. Within one month of the diet, give your body a day to enjoy the foods you like but still in limited quantities, do not overdo it. When you start training your body, get rid of the habit of ‘cheating day’ from your diet gradually.

Carbohydrate Trimming
body still needs carbohydrates as a source of energy for your daily activities. If you do not eat carbs at all, then your body will use muscle as energy reserves.

Solution : In order the body does not use muscle as energy reserves, consume enough carbohydrates your body needs.Complex carbohydrates are the best choice to help you lose weight and keep your energy level okay.

Eating Simple Carbohydrates Before Exercise
Simple carbohydrates are digested more quickly by the body. Because it is rapidly digested, then you feel hungry faster and faster loss of energy during exercise.

Solution : You can eat foods that contain complex carbohydrates and proteins, 30-60 minutes before you start practicing. You can get complex carbohydrates you can get from brown rice, oatmeal, wheat bread, or fruit. Meanwhile, to meet protein needs, you can eat chicken breast, protein shakes , egg whites, and so on.

Diet does not mean leaving time to eat, or even not eating at all. Diet is about eating nutritious foods every day, accompanied by diligent exercise and adequate rest, to get the ideal body weight with a healthier way.