Choosing the Right Types of Incense

Fortunately, we have easy access to a multitude of incenses in this day and age. It comes in different shapes and sizes and it can be purchased easily from a number of places. Even though the variety gives a number of options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to put your hands on the right one.

Sometimes we fail to choose the incense that fits perfectly with our personality. This article will act as the basic guideline to find the perfect incense:

Narrow down the list

It is important to know about the different categories before heading towards the counter. This makes the simplification process easier. There are natural extracts from flowers and herbs that can be a costly option. You must be aware of the different types available. For instance ‘Eau de Parfum’ contains higher percentage of oil mixed with alcohol whereas perfume contains 25-30% of oil mixed with alcohol. This is where the difference in price comes into play.

Discover family

Incenses are placed into different categories according to the dominant characteristics. You need to find out which perfume will be enjoyed the most. For instance, women can either choose from floral, citrus and oriental scents. Each of them has its own individuality. Whereas, men can choose woody scents. This category is further subdivided into different classifications. Discover more about the family and make the purchase accordingly.

Keep more options

It is not recommended to stick to one option only. It is always good to try new options every time. There is a variety of incenses under one family that can be applied. It is preferred to apply sweet and floral during day time. Oriental and woody works better in the evening. Strong scents can be applied in the winter. Apply light scents in the summer in order to avoid overwhelming others around you. These are the general rules, however, one can choose their incenses according to varying preferences.

Body chemistry

Before suggesting or choosing an incense, remember that everybody has a different chemistry. Same perfume applied on you may work differently on a different body. The smell of the tester spray may be different when sprayed on your skin. It is highly important to take into account the type of your skin before choosing a specific scent. Dissipation will be quicker on dry skins so it is recommended to go for a highly concentrated perfume.

Lasting hours

This is one of the most important factors to take into account when choosing an incense. However, the lasting factor depends on the area it has been applied. The hassle of re-applying perfume can be avoided by applying it on pulse points such as inner wrists, behind the knee and center of the neck.

It is also important to consider that some scents can leave a stain on your clothes. In this case, either go for another option or spray perfume on bare skin.

These were some tips to purchase the right incense for your body.