CBC Marketplace Finds Out that Dental Diagnosis and Associated Costs Vary Widely from Dentist to Dentist

In an experimental survey conducted by the CBC on the dental treatment facilities in Canada, it was found that the diagnosis and the associated costs of treatment vary quite widely from one dental clinic to the other. In fact, by the end of the survey, Theresa, aka the researcher in charge of carrying out the survey, found that if she were to combine the diagnosis and recommendations of all the twenty dentists she visited, she would have to put almost all of her teeth through one procedure or the other and would probably go bankrupt in the process!

The Actual Condition

In the unbiased opinion of the dental experts that checked Theresa out for dental issues, all she really needed at that point was a crown on just one of her teeth and a few cleaning sessions. However, when she started visiting multiple dental clinics all across Toronto and Vancouver for the survey, the problem soon started to seem a lot larger than it actually was.

The Varying Diagnosis

As the CBC journalist approached these dentists with X-Ray reports of her teeth while keeping a hidden camera on the situation at all times, the following are some of the diagnosis that she received from them.

  • Alongside the actual recommendation of cleaning and a crown, she was also advised to go for a filling, a root canal, and a mouth guard.
  • Diagnosis of bone loss and subsequent loss of a tooth, unless opting for very expensive countermeasures
  • Detection of three cavities and an additional root canal on a seemingly healthy tooth
  • Suggestion of two cast metal onlays
  • Teeth whitening for the lower set
  • A cosmetic midline shift to correct her smile via the use of six veneers
  • Suggestion of three fillings on teeth deemed healthy by previous dentists and unbiased experts
  • Replacement of two bridges in the mouth

What’s Going on Here?

As should be evident, this is not supposed to happen, but it is happening and the answer as to why it is happening is not a simple one. One of the dentists that Theresa visited recommended that she needs three fillings but would not treat her before looking at her dental insurance plan. It’s a known ploy used by dentists to find out what the patient’s insurance is covering and then abusing that plan by going for the most expensive treatments covered, instead of actually treating the problem areas only.

While it cannot be denied that some degree of medical malpractice and greed is involved here, there’s another point to be noted. The opinions, training and treatment approaches also differ from dentist to dentist. In other words, just because a dentist is telling you to spend more on treatment, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she is greedy; it’s a matter of point of view as well. Nevertheless, it might be a good idea to find a reputed clinic the next time you are looking for a Barrie dentist.

Or, at the very least, consult a few of them before coming to a conclusion regarding your next step to maintain dental hygiene.