Best recommended exercises to relieve stress during divorce or separation

Divorce or Separation is difficult to handle. It comes with dealing with judges and divorce lawyer. It comes with division of property, custody of children (if any) not to mention the heart break and many other negative emotions flying around during that period and most probably even after. As a result stress comes along and a great build-up of it. Unfortunately this kind of stress cannot be avoided but it can, however, be relieved.

Relieving this kind of stress can be done through physical exercises. Physical exercises help relieve negative emotions such as anger, bitterness and anxiety and also help get your mind off the stressful situation for a while. They help keep you occupied with health benefiting activities rather than detrimental ones such as overusing alcohol and using drugs, activities which people going through divorce or separation are prone of falling into. Furthermore, with exercise comes a healthy diet which results in an improvement of your health overall, emotional and physical.

Which exercises then are recommended for stress relief? They include:

• Running/Jogging

Running and/or jogging are a good way of relieving stress. This is a fast paced kind of exercise that is brilliant for releasing a build-up of energy. Running is known to pump up endorphins, known as a “runner’s high”, which help reduce our perception of pain. Whether it is a sprint done for a couple of minutes across a field or a gentle jog done for an hour, both work excellently.

• Swimming

Swimming is a good aerobic exercise for cutting down stress. The focus put in swimming helps one forget about their worries of the day and helps them unwind after a long day. The cool waters provide a calming effect and provide a weightless feeling which helps in making one feel like some of the weight they have been carried has been lifted for just some moments. In addition, swimming is also great for the heart and body muscle strength plus provides a whole body workout. If you love being in the water this is just the activity for you.

• Yoga

Yoga has been known to be one of the best stress relievers. Yoga meditation helps your mind calm down and clear any racing thoughts thus helping a person cope with stressful situations by training your counter-stress response system. The stretches on the other hand help relieve tension in the body. Overall it helps your mind and body connect and become one. Yoga can be done in high or low intensity. Whichever your pick is, it is a guarantee that you will leave way more relaxed.

• Tai Chi

Like yoga, Tai Chi is a series of self-paced movements which help in calming the mind and conditioning the body through a series of flowing body movements with no pauses in between and breathing techniques. If you are a yoga fan and want to try something similar or switch things up a bit Tai Chi is the way to go.

• Cycling

Cycling is also another way of relieving stress. Besides, being a great workout especially for one’s heart, lung and brain, research shows that it helps in reducing stress levels up to 40% if used for commuting. Instead of driving or taking a bus to meet your lawyer you have a better option of cycling there which will help cut down your stress levels before your actual meeting which helps a great deal when it comes to discussions and decision making. Another perk of cycling is that it can bring a calming effect if done in an area with great scenery or in a calm and peaceful place where a person can relax and take in the beauty of a place which helps spread positive emotions in one’s body.

Check with your physical practitioner before beginning any of these exercises.

Image Credit: Pixabay