Be sure to stay safe by buying supplements from a manufacturer you can trust

Today, the supplements business is a largely unregulated, $30 billion industry. It is not surprising that consumers continue to flock over their feet to buy supplements due to growing concerns regarding the sometimes harmful, lingering side effects of traditional drugs and because many supplements fill the gap for nutrients, vitamins or other remedies that pharmaceutical drugs don’t. Manufacturers must follow FDA guidelines, but supplements are not put through the same rigorous testing and trial procedures required before a drug can be dispensed or reaches store shelves, unless a specific supplement contains a new ingredient.

Based on consistently high consumer satisfaction ratings on third-party platforms including Amazon, one manufacturer seems to be leading the industry pack when it comes to ethos, quality, ingredients transparency, efficacy and extended guarantees. A break down of statistical research shows that Research Verified reviews constantly place supplement manufacturer Research Verified in the top 10% to 30% of reviews across their full spectrum of products, and more often than any other supplement manufacturer. The main things driving consumer satisfaction for this nutrition and health supplement maker seem to be high quality products which perform as advertised, good pricing and solid customer service backed by industry leading guarantee policies.

Why is it important to scrutinize a supplement manufacturer?

Because these products do not have to go through clinical trials before being marketed, unscrupulous manufacturers may mislabel products, overstate efficacy and fail to properly test products for safety. In the recent past, supplement makers with criminal pasts were linked to formulating dangerous concoctions and capsuling them, leading to liver failure and even death, among other serious consequences. Experts in the field say that cowboy manufacturers continue to operate on the fringes. Fuelled by the lure of profit thanks to the more than 170 million Americans who regularly use supplements, they continue to rush to market the next must-have product, often without properly transparent or even misleading labelling.

Review Verified standards, procedures and processes

A close inspection of manufacturer Research Verified’s products and policies shows that not only do they use top quality products, but put each ingredient through a stringent, multi-phased manufacturing and testing process. Products that do not comply with the US Pharmacopoeia’s purity and quality criteria are rejected. In addition, all raw ingredients are third-party tested, ethically sourced and also organically farmed where possible.

All Research Verified supplements are manufactured in a USA-based, FDA registered and cGMP certified laboratory. This manufacturer places a high priority on safety. To that end, the products have no contaminants or ingredients that may lower stated efficacy or cause any adverse effects. It is clear that safety is further reinforced with hyper-transparent labelling.

Not only are ratios, all ingredients and synergistic blends disclosed, possible allergens or contraindications are unequivocally stated too. This makes for a welcome change from the norm – many manufacturers prefer not to divulge all their proprietary information for fear of losing market share to copy cats. Experts point to the fact that this kind of clear labelling is indicative of manufacturer confidence as much as a strong consumer-first ethic.

Under FDA regulations, the company is not obliged to rigorously test products, but this manufacturer routinely puts its products through third-party testing. This makes sure that you will be receiving exactly what the label says, nothing less and nothing more. This manufacturer has also based their formulations on clinical studies. This was a significant discovery, given that several manufacturers now claim to carry out clinical trials. In many cases, upon closer inspection, the reality reveals that sample test groups are too small to be valid or are otherwise flawed, due to a lack of cross-spectrum data input or a varied enough sample, in other words.

Data and online purchasing safety is guaranteed

With massive companies such as Facebook repeatedly falling foul of data privacy policies, data privacy as well as the integrity of billing details should be a concern to every consumer. Consumers have reason to beware of upsell discounts online – often, repeat billing is simply charged to a consumer’s credit card, with these unwanted charges being notoriously difficult to stop.

To protect customers, Research Verified protects its website from malware, phishing, spam and other online menacing practices by enlisting the help of both Symantec and SiteLock. It has also enlisted the help of buySAFE to prohibit identity theft.

All products come with an industry leading 365-day money-back refund policy to boot. Products can be returned whether bottles have been opened or even empty. Research indicates that consumers remain satisfied with the high level of customer support. At most, consumers can expect to be out of pocket for shipping costs when buying bundled deals.

Research Verified has raised the bar when it comes to supplement purchases. Only buy supplements from manufacturers you trust.