Parrot busts owner for drunk driving

So you thought you were really clever teaching your pet to talk. You thought you could celebrate your brilliance, have a few drinks, laugh it up. Your pet parrot didn’t think it was so funny and didn’t have any qualms letting the police know.

Spanish language newspaper, El Universal, reported that Guillermo Reyes, a 49 year old man from Mexico City, was routinely stopped by the police at DUI checkpoint. It’s not clear whether he was noticeably drunk or what his intentions were, but Mr. Reyes’ buddy did not hesitating in giving him up as drunk.

Apparently, Mr. Reyes amigo’s exact words, rough translation notwithstanding, were, “He’s drunk. He’s drunk!”

Mr. Reyes driving companion was a parrot. Fine feathered friend he turned out to be indeed.

Mr. Reyes, unfortunately, was sent to the even more unfortunately named Hangover Prison, which seems like a nicer, more hospitable version of the more well known drunk tank.

Mr. Reyes, ever the magnanimous friend, asked to keep his parrot friend with him, too, because, apparently, the parrot can’t bear to be apart from Mr. Reyes. 

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