App analyzes urine – and, no, you don’t have to pee on your phone

A new iPhone app analyzes the user’s pee to diagnose a range of medical conditions.

Ucheck, say its developers, can test for 25 different conditions, from diabetes to pre-eclampsia. It’s more than 95 percent accurate, says the team.

“Your urine can tell you a lot about your health. Urine analysis using dipsticks can tell you the concentration of upto ten analytes like glucose, protein, ketones, urobilinogen, bilirubin, specific gravity, blood, pH, leukocytes and nitrites,” says the company.

“If you suspect that you are suffering of diabetes, complications of diabetes like nephropathy or ketoacidosis , urinary tract infections, liver disorders to name a few – urine analysis might be very helpful for you to keep a track of your health.”

Users need to collect their urine and dip a standard test strip into it – the system’s compatible with the five leading types, with more to be added soon. The strip is then placed on a special mat, which is designed to keep the colors normalized, regardless of lighting conditions.

The user then photographs the strip, and the app analyzes it for potential medical conditions.

The system, says its developers, could replace expensive urine-analysis machines in hospitals, as well as being used by consumers. It’s already being tested at the King Edward Memorial hospital in Mumbai, India.

The app is currently available only for the iPhone, although the team says it’s working on an Android version. The app itself costs $99, with the urine strips and test mat costing another $20.