6 Habits to Stay Active Throughout the Day

We’ve all been there. We might start the day on a high note, but by 1 PM or maybe even a bit earlier, we’ve crashed. By that time, we’re not productive anymore. We might feel a bit down in the dumps. We might even find ourselves snapping at coworkers over the smallest things. These are all side effects of not having a positive and productive morning routine. The habits you have in the morning have a direct effect on how productive you are during the day, how many mood swings you have, and how positive you generally feel.

If you’ve been experiencing any of the above symptoms, then it’s time for you to upgrade your morning routine to be more productive and positive. Down below, we’ve collected six of the top habits you should think about starting to set if you want to achieve that goal. Keep reading to learn more and hopefully your new morning routine will completely transform your life!

1. Start Your Day Earlier Than You Ever Would

This first one is something that you’ve probably heard all of your life, but it’s just so darn hard to make happen. Waking up early! Sure, we all love sleeping in on those soft pillows, but if you want to change how productive you are throughout the day, waking up early is the place to start. Now, it might be tough to wake up at 5 AM or 6 AM starting off, but as soon as you do this for a week or two straight, it’s going to feel completely normal!

When you wake up that early in the day, you’re going to have so much more time to be productive. Maybe you’ll be able to start work earlier so that you finish earlier in the afternoon. Or you might be able to get that run done in the morning before you get into the office, knocking that item off of the to-do list. Or you just might have more time to read the newspaper that you always leave lying on the doorstep. No matter what you choose to do with your morning, waking up early is going to give you the time to achieve these things that you wouldn’t have if you slept in.

2. Open Up Those Windows as Soon as You Wake Up

Next up on our list is something that won’t be too hard for you to implement during those nice spring or summer days. If you want to have a better day after the morning finishes, then you should open up those windows around your house as soon as you wake up if it’s not too cold outside. That fresh morning air coming in as soon as you wake up actually has big effects on your mental health going forward. Natural air has been shown to improve our brain functioning and just make us feel more positive. And when you start your day off like that, you’re going to have an absolutely fantastic rest of the day!

3. Have Some Room for Meditation in Your Morning

Meditation is one of those practices that you’ve probably heard a lot about, but just never thought it was for you. However, so many people swear by the benefits that they receive from practicing meditation every morning. By just giving yourself ten to fifteen minutes as soon as you wake up to meditate, you are going to be setting yourself up for success. Plus, you can do this at no cost to you! There are plenty of apps and online sites that offer guides and tutorials in how to practice mindfulness with the art of meditation. Give it a try and you’re going to be surprised with how great you feel after one or two sessions!

4. Drink Lemon Water First Thing in The Morning

Our bodies are pretty depleted after a night’s sleep. Think about it – you haven’t eaten or drank anything since dinner the last evening! When you get out of bed, even though you feel rested, your body is nutritionally depleted from all those hours. A great way to kick start your body in the morning is by drinking a glass of cold, lemon water. First of all, that glass of water is necessary because you’re pretty dehydrated when you wake up. It’s going to make you feel refreshed and ready to go! Secondly, the lemon in the water has so many positive effects on your body. It’s going to help your digestive system work properly throughout the day and just tastes great first thing in the morning. This is great to either replace or have in addition to your cup of coffee in the morning.

5. Shower Every Morning

If you’re one of those people who like to shower at night and not in the morning, then this one is for you. Showering in the morning is an easy step to take that’s going to really help you feel active, productive, and happy throughout the rest of the day. When you first wake up, you’re going to feel pretty groggy and tired still, if you’re like most people. Taking a shower first thing in the morning will wake you up and get that blood flowing to your brain and all of your joints/muscles. This is why you feel so great after a warm shower! When you start your morning off like this, it can only mean good things throughout the rest of your day.

6. Read Something Inspirational or Positive as You Wake Up

Instead of reading the depressing news as soon as you wake up in the morning or those annoying emails, why not read something that’s inspirational or positive? There are plenty of apps that will send an inspirational quote or passage to your phone in the morning that you can read first thing. When you start your day off with positivity, then the rest of your day is already primed for positive thinking!

When you implement these habits in your daily life, we can assure you that you’re going to feel a lot more positive and productive throughout the rest of your day. And who doesn’t want that? Try them out and let us know what you think!