6 Foods To Eat To Get A Great Body Shape

Despite what you may hear on the internet, there is no “secret diet” for getting you into great shape. It’s a fact of life that you have to work out with the right equipment and eat certain foods to fuel your exercise performance.

You don’t have to rush to a gym or a diet center to have a body shape you can proudly show off. You can get the right gym equipment for your home from MarcyPro and prepare the dish at your home with the foods listed below.

1. Water

There is no doubt that certain foods enhance athletic performance. As well as making the recovery process quicker (which happens, no matter what fitness level you are, as the muscle fibers in our bodies break down the harder we send them through the ringer during exercise) and building muscle mass. That’s why it is important to eat like an athlete in order to keep your great body shape. However, it is known all around the world (and ignored by half the world) that water is the single most important source of nutrition on the planet. No matter which foods you include in your diet, water will only make the results come faster.

2. Oats

Studies in the health industry revealed that oats (compared to whole grains) are the de-facto champion of lowering cholesterol. Why is this important? Cholesterol is responsible for three vital functions we need for existence. Plus, oats are loaded with copper, zinc and niacin – all of these nutrients play their part in keeping our skin looking as revitalized and fresh as possible.

3. Avocados

In a nutshell (heh), avocados are loaded with important nutrients and vitamins. From vitamin C, E, and K, the avocado deserves its spot as a trending superfood. This is because one avocado is rightfully designated as a superfood, making them significantly important for maintaining your shapely form (and prevent wrinkles) as well as boosting intelligence.

4. Pea Protein

We all know the pains of fatigued muscles after a trying workout, even in our home gyms. Yes, that generally means our muscle fibers are repairing themselves – even using gym equipment specifically designed to reduce DOMs. That’s why the sports nutrition community is 100% behind pea protein powder. This is because only one scoop packs more than 25g of lean protein – making it a welcome addition to post-workout shakes. To put it simply, our bodies need protein to retain their shape and keep it toned.

5. Blueberries

Blueberries are touted by health experts, workout specialists and elite athletes. Here’s why: aside from reducing inflammation, boosting white blood cells that improve immunity, they are also a superfood that drastically increases your focus and levels of intelligence.

6. Walnuts

Yes, walnuts are high in calories – and are as equally high in nutrients. You probably know that eggs are a fantastically-healthy source of vital omega 3 fatty acids. Well, did you know that walnuts contain a healthy amount of omega 3s as well? However, the omega 3s found in walnuts are not the same as the omega 3s in eggs. Although we know that walnuts activate a part in our brain that regulates cravings and desires.


These foods will not only keep your shape in tact (to be the truest you), they will also help your skin look younger-and in some cases-even help treat risks for developing skin cancer. Experts agree that your diet is responsible for building muscle and getting a great body. Before you dive in to another exercise, circuit or HIIT interval, try any of the foods we’ve just talked about.