5 Most Common Juicing Mistakes You Do Not Know You Are Making

We all love to drink juices and get that desired beautiful glowing skin, perfect body and energy running all day. Juices are definitely one the best ways to get the above mentioned goals along with a long list of health benefits. No weight loss program or detox schedule is complete without juices. However drinking juices the wrong way can cause more harm than benefits to your body.


Juicing can be defined as extracting the juice from the fruits or vegetables using the juicer. A good juicer like Juicer Moz contains 80 percent or more of nutrients and enzymes from the crushed fruit or vegetable. Consuming all those nutrients without spending too much time on chewing , in liquid form, makes it easier. Juices are in liquid form so it also easy to digest by the body. This further helps in boosting your metabolism and the toxins are flushed out of the body giving you a fit body and healthy glowing skin. It has been documented that juices from certain fruits and vegetables help to cure life threating diseases like cancer.


Juices are a boon when consumed correctly, but can be a curse if the mistakes are not avoided.

1] Letting your juice sit for too long

Extracting juice is a time consuming process right from cutting the vegetable or fruit to crushing it. If too much of time is wasted by letting the juice to sit the enzymes and nutrients will deplete and thus there will be no benefit of the juice. It is so because once the juice comes in contact with the air it begins to degrade in quality and thus the enzymes are lost. The best thing is to consume the juice after two hours of extraction. However if they are stored in airtight containers they can remain nutritional for a longer period of time.

2] Lack of greens in the juice

This is the most common mistake we just extract the juice of the fruits leaving behind the greens. Juice should be consumed to get the health benefits from it rather than treating your sweet tooth. Try to get the best combination of greens and fruits that is 80% and 20% in order to get the maximum health benefits.


The time when you consume the juice is very crucial. Consuming juice after heavy meal is a common disaster that one can make. This error can cause ling term harm to your health as it leads to acid reflux, indigestion and bloating. In order to avoid this problem you should consume juices 20 minutes before consuming heavy meals. This one rule will help your body to absorb the nutrients faster and more efficiently and this is the main purpose of consuming the juices.


Drinking juices as a substitute for meals is a mistake that will harm your body. Juices in spite of all their health benefits should never be allowed to replace the meals. Focus on a healthy diet is crucial that is grains, meat, dairy, juices all should form a part of your diet to avoid dizziness, fatigue, anemia or any other disorder.


This is a mistake that is committed by the newbies in the field. Getting the combination of vegetables and fruits is important so that the juices taste good and do not react chemically and make you sick.

Above were a few mistakes of juicing but the key is to enjoy the juice to get its all benefits.

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