5 Great Ways Your Dental Hygiene Routine is Easier After Dental Implants

Losing your natural teeth is not the end of the world. Things start looking up when your dental professional lets you know that dental implants are definitely a possibility. Once you have those implants in place, you’ll find that your daily routine for dental hygiene is not more complicated. If anything, it will be easier. Here are some examples of how life will be once those implants are in place.

No Worries About Cavities

Unlike your natural teeth, the implants and the caps attached to the top are not subject to decay. It’s still important to your gum health to keep the implants clean, but at least one of the possible issues you had to face in the past is history. It is still possible to crack a cap but it will take a significant amount of force for that to happen. For the most part, you can brush, rinse with mouthwash, and go about your business knowing that no damage is developing.

Not Flossing is Okay

Flossing was never one of your favorite things to do. As Barrie Smile Centre dentists explain to their patients, flossing does not have to be part of the standard hygiene regimen any longer. In fact, your dentist may recommend that you leave it off completely.

The reason is simple. Your natural teeth have a thin membrane at the point where the teeth and the gum meets. That protective membrane is not present once your real teeth are removed. Without it, you could easily scratch the gum when you floss. That leads to an increased chance of infection. By choosing to not floss, you simplify your hygiene regimen and reduce the risk of a creating an open wound that leads to an infected gum.

You Get to Use a Softer Brush

Another element that is likely to change is the type of toothbrush you use. Specifically, you may need to go with one that sports softer bristles. While dental implants are sturdy, they are not as strong as real teeth. Something that is firm enough to remove food residue from the cap surface but soft enough to not scratch the caps is what you will want. The team at the Barrie dental clinic can provide you with guidelines on what sort of brush to use.

Use Any Mouthwash You Like

In the past, you used mouthwash products designed to provide some sort of extra support for the teeth. With the implants in place, the main focus is using a mouthwash that will help keep your breath fresh. Just about any product will contain the ingredients necessary to loosen residue on the gums and get rid of anything that could cause your breathe to be less than appealing.

Exams and Cleanings are Easier

Annual exams and a couple of cleanings each year will still be part of your standard routine. The nice thing is that they will be simpler and often take less time. The inspection the dentist does is a little different than taking a look at real teeth and you’ll find the appointment does not take as long. The cleaning will also go faster so you can get back to the rest of your day sooner rather than later.

Implants are a wonderful solution when the age of real teeth is behind you. Talk with your dental professional today and lea