4 Profit Driven Healthcare Business Ideas

Driving by profits isn’t the only reason to get into healthcare. As Forbes asks, being profit-driven may actually be ruining healthcare.

None of this means, of course, that you can’t make a substantial profit from helping people. Heavens, no! Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung were born because of a generational need. The creators of these revolutionary apps, services, and products fulfilled that need.

Filling that need is what the driving force behind business should be. Luckily, healthcare has more than one (lucrative) business avenues you can take.

1. Medical Apps & Software

Creating a medical app that saves lives? Seems as good a reason as any to get into programming (or find someone who knows the ropes) and kickstart a medical app or create a software that helps people – in more ways than one and still earn good profits.

A few such apps and software are…


Earlier in January, American Cancer Society said that 1,685,210 cancer cases would occur over 2016, and more than a staggering 500,000+ cancer deaths would happen. This is because according to Melanoma Research Foundation, melanoma (a form of skin cancer) is difficult (but not impossible) disease to self-diagnose. Unfortunately, the problem with self-diagnosis is that melanoma often appears in the form of moles, freckles, and blemishes.

Luckily, some doctors and physicians do screen for melanoma. But let me ask you this: can you honestly afford to pay yet another bill? Sometimes doctors charge hundreds of dollars just for asking questions – it’s insane! It’s almost like legal theft.

A great alternative to self-diagnosis or going to the doctor is a life-saving app called SkinVision, an app that identifies skin cancer in the early stages. (Yes, an app that detects skin cancer early.) You can even use it yourself! All you do is take a picture of moles, blemishes, freckles, etc., and then app analyses the picture and suggests whether or not you need a professional doctor.

Did You Know? Cancer itself isn’t a disease. It’s actually a “disease cocktail” of over 200 distinct diseases. There are also over one hundred forms of cancer known to man.

Chiropractic Software

Yet another revolutionary advancement in medical tech is Chiropractic Software. The busy routines and changing lifestyles of people has substantially increased the number of seekers of chiropractic aid. Hence, it has become difficult for chiropractors to keep up with the patient records, therefore, they opt for some patient records management software such as ChiroTouch. It helps them through record management, insurance claims support, billing, and even manage supplies. Market the software correctly, and of course, you can earn good money by making management of a chiropractic office easier.

2. Certified Dietician/Nutritionist

Where do you go from here? You can market yourself as a subcontractor and give your services to fitness centers, clinics, or nursing homes. Being heavily paid to do what you love? Yes, please.

Another reason to “sell yourself” as a contractor/consultant is it positions you as an authority in your particular field. While other specialists in the area will have websites, or have a large foothold in the community… they aren’t consultants.

Being a consultant means being an authority; as such, having said authority means you know your stuff. Running your own “personal training” business and dishing out advice, is a risky business for people who don’t know what they’re doing.

Luckily, most areas require you to earn a college degree in physical education, exercise physiology, or physical therapy. From what I hear… education is brutal, and certain to weed out the fakers from the people doing it for real.

3. Natural Beauty Products

Since the dawn of man, people have been obsessing with their looks. Preserving their youthful glow. Maintaining their young “it” factor. The natural beauty industry has been on fire since marketers (some honest, some less than so-and-so) first learned how selfish, and self-persevering people are.

In 2017, CosmeticsDesign predicted that the global beauty market will see profits up to $265B. That isn’t peanuts, and if that figure doesn’t prove how viable and profitable the natural beauty industry is? I don’t know what will.

This doesn’t mean beauty companies don’t cater to the glim-glam, vain, or “spotlight-loving lovers.” Shampoos, hand soaps, conditioner, tooth paste. These are all products almost everyone in the world uses – on a day to day basis; from your Aunt Betty to your Uncle John.

As FranciseHelp kindly reminds us, the beauty industry has an “army line” of products and services; everything from skin care, to hair styling and colouring, all the way to colognes and shaving products.

It is a mammoth of a business to get into right now.

4. Weight Loss Coach

Who doesn’t need a weight loss coach? Particularly when there seem to be a lot of overweight and out of shape people in the world. Some weight loss coaches don’t call themselves that – many are referred to as wellness or lifestyle coaches.

Whichever the term, one of the first things you need is a certificate. Are you qualified to be a coach of anything?

What do you bring to the table? Some specialist coaches are masters in nutritional eating. Others are specialists in integrative, or holistic wellness. There are a large number of “niches” a typical “weight loss coach” can take.

Final Thoughts

These examples of profitable technology you could be diving into are just the tip of the iceberg. As you, me, and everybody (even those who live under rocks) know full well by now… Tech isn’t ever stopping. It’s constantly evolving. And so, it happens, that one revolution after the next will continue as long as humans think of new, exciting ways to help our fellow humans.

Whether that help comes with a sizeable increase in profits… Well, there’s no telling just how much profits there are. If the industry leaders in any of the areas you’ve read about today are any indication, those profits are limitless.

I wouldn’t mind being stinking rich because I helped my neighbor evade a fatal disease. Would you?