3 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Eye Circle

Dark discoloration which happens under the eyes is medically termed as dark circles. But why such things happen? There are many reasons which are responsible for this and major among them are:

  • Heredity
  • Dry skin
  • Aging
  • Prolonged crying
  • Stressed working hours,
  • Lack of sleep
  • Unhealthy diet

It impacts the look and appearance of the person but is not a serious skin problem and can be treated. There are many home remedies for this problem and we are sharing few with you.

1. Almond Oil: Sweet almond oil should be used for lightening dark circles under the eye. It will even out the skin color and will help in treating hyperpigmentation. Almond oil is one of the best natural gifts for delicate skin near to eyes. If you use the oil daily then it will surely fade the darkness under the eyes. You can mix Vitamin E capsule or take 1 capsule every day to treat the problem. Phytosterols present in almond oil will stimulate collagen production and can handle the wrinkles near your eyes well.

• Take few drops of almond oil in a bowl

• Add a capsule of Vitamin E in it and mix well with clean finger

• Now apply the mix over the eyes and surrounding it

• Massage the skin gently and allow it to penetrate the skin

• Use it before going to bed and leave it overnight

• Wash your face with cold water in the morning

• Continue the process until the time there is complete fading of the dark circle

2. Cucumber: Cucumbers are known for skin-lightening qualities and mildly astringent properties. It is another natural ingredient which can help in fixing raccoon eyes in a natural way. It soothes the affected skin and makes it look refreshing. Cucumber slices will deliver the best results towards reducing swelling and dark spots when used chilled.

• Take a fresh green cucumber

• Cut it into thick slices

• Refrigerate it for amount 30 minutes

• Put the slices on your eyes and keep it for 15 to 20 mins

• Wash the area with cold water

• Apply it 2 times a day until the time dark spots are removed


• You can add equal amount of lemon juice with cucumber juice

• Use a clean cotton ball and apply the mix to the eyes

• Leave it for 15 to 20 mins and then wash with cold water

• Apply this twice a day for a week to see changes in dark circles

3. Rose water: Rose water is known to be an incredible ingredient for any type of skin care needs. It helps in rejuvenating the skin and gives a soothing effect to tired and dark circled eyes. It has mild astringent properties, which works as excellent skin tone.

• Take 10 to 15 drops of rose water in a clear bowl

• Dip a cotton ball in it and keep for few minutes

• Now place the soaked pads over your eyes covering and its surroundings

• Leave it for 15 minutes minimum

• Wash your face if you want otherwise there is no need of it

• Apply it twice a day and keep using for a month

Rest than the above, there are many other natural remedies for this problem which can be treated at home. In case you are not satisfied with the results of the natural remedies for a dark circle, then we will recommend you to visit a skin specialist for skin treatment. Dore Aesthetic is one of the leading and very reputed transformation center located in Singapore known for offering excellent Dark eye circle removal treatment apart from various other skin treatments. Visiting this clinic will make you the member of 2000+ satisfied customers list of this center.