Yes, there is some movement on Star Trek 2

A message board post from one of the Star Trek writers points to the progress of the sequel’s development.

Despite some whining from hard-core Star Trek fans about the broken continuity of the franchise, the addition of more thoughtless actions scenes to replace the considerate and sometimes ponderous classic formula, and lots and lots of lens flares, Star Trek did quite well at the box office, and was generally well received by critics (including this one).

Since then, however all of us have been wondering: Was this a one-time thing?

Did Abrams take on this single film as a fun project with no plans to draw out, or was this the beginning of a new Star Trek franchise, one to rival the Star Trek of old in its length and breadth?

Well, the answer likely lay somewhere in between, but Paramount announced some time ago that a Sequel will be coming out in 2012.

Since then, however, we’ve learned next-to-nothing about it. This week at least, we learn from Roberto Orci, one of the writers/producers for the new Star Trek, that a treatment has been drafted, and that Abrams is part of the creative team.

“Just been waiting for [Abrambs] to be free to really decide if he likes the story and hear his suggestions before we finish the script,” Orci posted on a message board at, “Once he says [he’s ready], we’ll have [the screen play written] in no time. Meanwhile, our outline is detailed enough (70+ pages!) to do some [preparations].”

He continued in another thread, “In the meetings we’ve had with [Abrams], he’s already given us amazing input and ideas, and that’s been while he’s been up to his eyeballs in Super 8.”