Yes, Mark Zuckerberg has a Facebook stalker

How did he not see this one coming? Yes, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a stalker who obsessively follows him on, well, Facebook.

In fact, the stalker, named as one Pradeep Manukonda, is apparently so compulsive that he traveled to the Facebook offices and even went so far as to visit Mark’s home in January.

The creepy stalking left Zuckerberg with little choice but to seek a restraining order against Manukonda.

The order bars the stalker from getting within 300 yards of Zuckerberg, his sister, Randi, and his girlfriend, Priscilla Chan.

Unsurprisingly, Manukonda continues to insist that he didn’t mean to intimidate or frighten the Facebook CEO, telling TMZ “I’m [really] a peaceful guy… I’m [so] sorry he thought I was trying to harm him.”

Pradeep says he is contending with a major personal problem and believed Mark “would be able to give me advice.”

But he added that Zuckerberg is obviously a “busy man,” and promised to “respect his privacy” in the future.