World War Z cast expands

Veteran actor David Morse is joining the cast of World War Z.

Morse – hired by director Marc Forster – typically plays the part of an unforgiving authority figure but has shifted gears for this role. Indeed, Morse will play a convict left alone in a jail after the guards and most of the other inmates are dead.

Production of the film has already kicked off, so the casting of Morse is a relatively late decision. This means the studio either changed up the script a bit, or simply hadn’t yet decided who could take the role, waiting to see how other parts of the film looked first.

Either way, the addition implies the role of Morse won’t be a particularly big one.

The original novel tells the story of a journalist making an effort to document The Zombie War.

He travels around to important parts of the war, conducting interviews with witnesses and experts.

The film has altered the original storyline by placing the protagonist before the war, who uncovers dangerous things and races against time to stop a zombie apocalypse.

Although this decision caused some controversy amongst hardcore fans, the novel wasn’t exactly mainstream, so the furor really hasn’t been very loud at all.

The cast of World War Z is led by Brad Pitt, and also stars Matthew Fox (Jack from LOST) and Mirelle Enos (Jodeen from Big Love). The film will hit theaters on December 21, 2012.