Woman sues phone company for revealing her affair

For sheer nerve, it takes some beating. A Canadian woman is suing her local phone carrier for invasion of privacy and breach of contract – because her itemized bill let her husband find out she was having an affair.

According to Canada.com, Gabriella Nagy, 35, of Toronto, signed a cellphone contract with Rogers Wireless in June 2006. While she signed it under her maiden name, she asked for the bill to be sent to the family home.

But when her husband signed up for internet and home phone services, Rogers consolidated the family’s bills, so that Nagy’s calls appeared alongside her husband’s.

Hubby saw that there had been regular, hour-long calls to a number he didn’t recognise, dialed it, and discovered what was going on. He left.

Rogers says it consolidated the bills at the couple’s request. Anyway, it says, the husband was bound to find out what was going on eventually. But Nagy says the company is to blame for her marriage breakup.

She’s after US $580,000 for her ordeal. Apparently she cried so much at work, she lost her job.

“The affair was over,” she told Canwest News Service. “The thing that really hurt me is that it all came out not through my own doing.”