Woman polls Facebook to choose baby’s name

Would you name your baby Sadira-Sagitarius? Or Fabby Licious? Probably not. But you can saddle an unsuspecting, indeed, unborn Canadian girl with one of these unfortunate monikers if you like.

Toronto mother-to-be Rommy Alpinelli is expecting her baby next weekend. Like many women in her position, she’s found it difficult to settle on a name. Unlike most of us, however, she’s decided to let Facebook users decide.

The idea for the poll was suggested by one of Alpinelli’s friends, who works for discount website FabFind. So far, it’s received more than 1,000 votes, with Aria and Melania topping the list. Others, though, include Eudaimonia, Aubrey (the boy’s name) and Grayson (like the transvestite male artist Grayson Perry).

Alpinelli admits to some nervousness about the poll. But, she says, “Creative naming runs in my family. It might sound a little crazy to ask so many people for their opinion, but why not? I’m looking for a unique name that a lot of people like.”

The person who submits the most popular name will win FabFind rewards points. Alpinelli and her husband, Robert, have promised to choose whichever name is most popular when she goes into labor. Alpinelli herself will receive deals worth around $40,000 – so long as she provides the baby’s birth certificate to prove she hasn’t chickened out and picked ‘Jane’.

Anyone can submit a name, but to win the prize they need to be a Canadian resident living outside Quebec. You can vote here. Please don’t be mean; the kid’s going to have to live with the result for the rest of her life.